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Camel Riders

Only in mirrors heroes find their equal.
In memory of Emjay Kong, founder of Kongs <3
Allied with Jokers & Smokers.
The guild was founded on 10 Aug 2020.
It is currently active.
Their home is Spiritkeep.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
MaledictisCoco Loco (King Lysol)Royal Paladin15003 Dec 2021
Balinho Kong (King Balinho)Master Sorcerer4515 Jun 2021
Knightmare (King Manne)Royal Paladin10429 Dec 2021
Robert (King Loth)Elite Knight12722 Feb 2022
Paragus (King Nick)Elder Druid7425 Mar 2022
Buddha (King Zacka)Master Sorcerer8025 Mar 2022
Sylar (King Philip)Royal Paladin8110 Apr 2022
Hiatori KongMaster Sorcerer11513 Apr 2022
Rocks Xebec (King Doobie Snacks)Master Sorcerer4418 May 2022
BedmageBozy (Shelino)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Bbozy (Sonjiie)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Rogalddl (Zetine)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Bonusbgc (Izadora)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Kluseczka (Oenothera)Master Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Krew (Lopera Vena)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Fletmistrz (Zokratezz Del)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Balinho (Oron Sherib)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Dikoka (Stuxi)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Kaczka Pieczona (Pugery)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Balinha Kong (Fohdjizzle)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Anna Thun (Bafaria)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Octopuss Boegsnopp (Renee Gade)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Sova Aeta (Revithsion)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Zokriki Mipo Kajuta (Shinji Astari)Druid1703 Dec 2021
Truk Phama (Scorponok)Sorcerer1403 Dec 2021
Zaorna Ashan (Peay)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Taraelvana Mexevsad (Utax)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Shador Catus (Godwig)Druid1403 Dec 2021
Lucronuk Astim (Lord Dystrict)Sorcerer1603 Dec 2021
Vernon Schillinger (King Balinho)Master Sorcerer2004 Jan 2022
Lorn Aneizz (Karate Gudrun)Druid1604 Jan 2022
Jordan Peterson (Jimmys)Druid1122 Feb 2022
Elezer NayladariaDruid1322 Feb 2022
Powerful Joe RoganDruid1322 Feb 2022
Brendan SchaubDruid1222 Feb 2022
Eddie BravoDruid1322 Feb 2022
Powerful Elon MuskDruid1122 Feb 2022
Powerful Whitney CummingsDruid1022 Feb 2022

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