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Terms of Use

Terms of Use is an agreement under which the Tibiantis Online Administration (further also as the "Administration", "we", "us", "our") offers access to account to play the online role-playing game "Tibiantis Online" (also as the "Game").

By registering an account, logging into the Game, logging on the Website, downloading the Client Software, or using any other Services, you accept the terms and conditions included in this agreement and all its components ("Game Rules", "Privacy Policy"). By proceeding with any of the aforementioned actions you also state that you are of legal age in your country or have the permission of your legal guardian to play this game.


• Warranty

• Property

• Fees

• Game Rules

• User's Content

• Privacy Policy

• Final Provisions

This agreement uses following definitions: "User" (also as the "Player", "they", "their") means the person given the access to an account to play the Game, or the person using any other Services, in accordance with this agreement; "Services" refer to all services provided by us, mentioned specifically or not; "Website" means the Internet website available under domain and all its webpages; "Client Software" (also as the "Client", "Software") means the official software provided by us and used to log into the Game. In Game Rules the Administration can also be referred to as the "Staff" and "Gamemasters".


The use of the Software, Website, and all our Services, is at the User's sole risk. We provide all Services on an "as is", "as available" basis and hereby disclaim all warranties of any kind. With best intentions, we do not ensure a continuous and/or error-free operation of our Services. We disclaim liability for any damages resulting from possible downtime or software errors. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently shut, as well as alter in any way, the Game and other Services, and we cannot be held responsible for any losses (including, without limitation, any direct or indirect damages or loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information).


All characters, virtual items and other game-related data is our copyright property and we reserve the right to modify and erase it as such without limitation. Users are granted access to that data under this agreement in order to take part in the Game. Therefore, phrases such as "your character", "your item", and analogous, do not define ownership but refer to the granted access. This access can be denied at any time, especially - but not limited to - per Game Rules.

Users are not given a sub-license or permission to trade accounts, characters or items (excluding any form of in-game trade of virtual in-game commodities), and any such action is a violation of this agreement and may constitute copyright infringement. We are not willing to settle disputes arising from trade or share of an account, characters or items, and we cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting thereof, including compromised accounts. Users are responsible for the security of their accounts and registered e-mail addresses, and must not disclose their credentials.


Tibiantis Online is free to play but part of the content can be restricted to premium Users. Premium status is granted temporarily per account upon the activation of a premium token. At the moment of its activation, the token adds 30 days of premium time, regardless of the current quota. Purchase of tokens is completely voluntary and always paid in advance. Payments are refundable as long as the purchased tokens have not yet been activated or exchanged by the User. Refund reqeusts can be sent to [email protected] and shall be processed within 3 working days. We reserve the right to change the fees and billing methods at any time, but these changes may not affect any past purchases. Current fees are announced on the Website in the Premium section. Any premium time lost due to an account ban is not refundable.

In order to protect our interests and prevent fraudulent payments (e.g. payments from compromised credit cards), we reserve the right to deny tokens purchase for accounts with suspicious activity and cancel past suspicious paymets, in which case all money will be refunded right away. In case one or more payments were charged back by the purchaser or disupute procedure was started, we reserve the right to block purchaser's accounts until clarification.

Game Rules

Tibiantis Online is a game that offers competition and cooperation between Players from all over the world. In order to provide fair and fun gameplay for everyone, we created a set of additional Game Rules (also as the "Rules"). Game Rules are announced on the Website. Players are required to follow these rules whenever they enter the Game, Website or any other Services. We reserve the right to stop inappropriate behaviors through temporary or permanent denial of access to the Game and other Services ("banishment"), in accordance with these rules. The offending Player shall be informed about the exact rule violation.

If the banishment is a consequence of breaking the rule 3c), 3d) or 3f) ("Cheating"), the Player may be refused detailed information as to when and how the violation took place if such information could be used to improve their ways of cheating in the future. Withholding this kind of information helps us to protect our sophisticated inspecting methods against reverse engineering and thus to keep the Game fair for all Players. In such case, as well as in case of other extreme violations, the banishment may be extended to other accounts accessed by the Users of the offending account.

User's Content

User accepts sole liability for any content submitted to all our Services (e.g. Forum posts). User must ensure such content complies with this agreement and does not violate the law nor can be a copyright infringement for any party. We are not liable for any sensitive information being disclosed accidentally or intentionally by the User's submitting thereof, e.g. in public Forum posts.

No content submitted by the Users represents the views of the Administration nor is it certified as correct and rightful. We reserve the right to modify and remove Users' content without notice, especially when it is found incompliant with this agreement, the law, or generally objectionable. We also reserve the right to use the ideas submitted to the Proposals board for our own benefit without limitation, in which case the User waives all their claims to these ideas.

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy rights of all the Users of our Services. We are aware of the importance of these rights, and commit to protecting them and ensuring that all the information provided to us are secure. We have put in place adequate measures and procedures for this purpose. Therefore, we limit the collected and processed personal data only to the data necessary for the use of our Services and directly related to them. Please refer to the extended Privacy Policy to read about what types of personal data we collect and for what purposes.

Final Provisions

We reserve the right to deny certain IP addresses access to our Services to prevent unwanted - especially illegal - activities (for instance: DDoS attacks, hacking attempts or fraudulent payments).

We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time. Changes are announced on the Website and take effect 7 days after they have been announced. Users are required to review this agreement regularly to stay informed about any changes. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Polish law. Place of fulfilment and place of venue for any disputes is Pila, Poland. With any doubts please contact us at: [email protected].

© Copyright by Tibiantis Online 2020-2024. All rights reserved.

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