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17 May 2024 - Thank you all for participating in the anniversary event. As it was in previous years, for the next week—until Friday, May 24—mobs will drop anniversary tokens, which can then be traded to NPC Christopher for unique and special rewards. Check full changelog...
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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is the part of the Terms of Use that specifies what personal data we collect and process, and for what purpose. We limit the collected and processed personal data only to the data necessary for the use of our Services and directly related to them, i.e.:

User's e-mail addres: provided to us upon registering an account (or later via the "change e-mail address" procedure) necessary for an applicable service (e.g. recovering the account). We may use User's e-mail address to reply to User's requests and questions and to inform them about crucial activities on their account, such as a password change. We do not disclose nor share User's e-mail address with any third parties. We will not use it for our own marketing purposes, unless to the User's explicit consent expressed by signing up for a newsletter. This consent may be withdrawn at any time in the account settings or by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

User's IP address: saved upon logging on to the Website and into the Game along with the timestamp for these actions. User's IP address is never visible publicly nor shared with any third parties, excluding parties that provide the hosting services to us.

Payment data: any payments are made on an external checkout site provided by a third-party finnancial services, where additional consent to their own privacy policy may be needed. We access and process the following transaction details: name, country, e-mail address, payment method. This data is processed only to fulfill the statutory obligations incumbent on us, resulting in particular from tax and accounting regulations. Transaction details are stored for 5 years from the date of payment as sales evidence. This data may be passed on to a third party that provides the accounting services to us, and is bound by confidentiality clause and to protect that data to at least the same extent as we do.

We will never disclose any of the User's personal data, with regard to aformentioned exceptions, unless on a legitimate request of the law enforcement authorities. The User is entitled to review, change (if applicable) or delete (if applicable) their personal data at any time. Requests can be sent to [email protected] and shall be processed within 14 days.

Cookies Policy

This Website uses only the cookies necessary for its proper functioning, i.e. registration process, referral system (when the User enters the Website via other User's ref-link), logging on to the Website, remembering User's settings, and ensuring that the User can stay logged in. This Website does not use any cookies for tracking or marketing purposes, especially cookies that might compromise the User's privacy.

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