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Bolts and Cats

Loyal, Neutral Friends.
Recruiting ACTIVE, NEUTRAL LVL 30+ players for team-hunts, training parties, QUESTS, & MYSTERIANDO.
See You In Game!
Sunbrite on Twitch:
The guild was founded on 10 Jul 2020.
It is currently active.
Their home is Greenshore Clanhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
LeaderSunbriteElite Knight10410 Jul 2020
MieutenantLamusiniPaladin11702 Oct 2020
OharisElder Druid6016 Oct 2020
KeflaElder Druid9101 Jul 2022
Mathias'ShadowboltRoyal Paladin10023 Sep 2022
BooMaster Sorcerer5904 Oct 2022
GoshnarrElder Druid7429 Nov 2022
BodekElite Knight9503 Feb 2023
Superior MauSir Nesux (Our Hero)Elite Knight5713 Jul 2020
WhipplashKnight6021 Jun 2021
GannadorfKnight6329 Aug 2021
RiveliusRoyal Paladin8031 May 2022
Alveringus IsmiPaladin7016 Jul 2022
GenkidamaKnight6129 Sep 2022
MezaliasElite Knight12401 Jan 2023
Handsome GentlemanElite Knight8006 Jan 2023
Snea BengtElite Knight6626 Jan 2023
Strong'OneElite Knight7318 Feb 2023
VenoreanRoyal Paladin5918 Feb 2023
Usmiechnij SieElite Knight8203 Mar 2023
Wang Jie XiElite Knight10509 Apr 2023
MeridiusRoyal Paladin6116 Apr 2023
KaldrosMaster Sorcerer6608 May 2023
TheroElder Druid5308 May 2023
Legolas DackeRoyal Paladin10510 May 2023
Privet RyanElite Knight9726 May 2023
FiddyElite Knight9905 Jun 2023
RetiredAlpacca (Retired Founder)Paladin6610 Jul 2020
Togaio (Retired Founder)Elite Knight3512 Jul 2020
Hugragra (Retired Founder)Elder Druid4212 Jul 2020
Tommy Boost (Retired Founder)Knight4812 Jul 2020
Turnip (Retired)Druid2612 Jul 2020
Kabura (Retired)Paladin5614 Jul 2020
DarbyRoyal Paladin7917 Dec 2020
Mac GurnElite Knight6118 Jul 2021
Grimtrove (Master Investigator)Elite Knight6517 Feb 2022
Dratini (Cute Dragon)Knight6018 Feb 2022
GardevoirSorcerer2305 Aug 2022
JynxNone817 Feb 2023
MittensHoneycreeperDruid1722 Sep 2022
Bump AheadMaster Sorcerer2013 Oct 2022
EliznerElder Druid1905 Dec 2022
Krystaliczny ElfSorcerer2525 Jan 2023
Hand of BloodKnight2611 Feb 2023
PermaseanMaster Sorcerer2021 Feb 2023
Old Sage MiloSorcerer2209 Apr 2023
SkurczSorcerer2514 Apr 2023
KhaosMaster Sorcerer2116 Apr 2023
AtrocityPaladin925 Apr 2023
ZiombelosPaladin2629 Apr 2023
Wise OneMaster Sorcerer2030 Apr 2023
SivyElder Druid2619 May 2023
SlipElder Druid1926 May 2023online
MauLadyElder Druid4218 Jul 2020
AlkonnMaster Sorcerer4722 Feb 2022
Natural Snow BuildingsElite Knight4019 Mar 2022
BodyarmorKnight3517 Jun 2022
DrupySorcerer4017 Jul 2022
CurveyElite Knight3719 Sep 2022
TarsalDruid3804 Dec 2022
AazzoxElite Knight3005 Dec 2022
DestruxMaster Sorcerer3612 Dec 2022
InuyashaRoyal Paladin4617 Jan 2023
Good'ByeElite Knight3224 Jan 2023
SchneidmeisterPaladin3604 Feb 2023
ParmaseanRoyal Paladin3916 Feb 2023
Sudden'MageMaster Sorcerer3218 Feb 2023
PierogElite Knight4510 Mar 2023
Kot WpiekarnikuElite Knight4609 Apr 2023
Kleopatra Krucha MuchaPaladin4114 Apr 2023
Mateusz from ElblagMaster Sorcerer3526 Apr 2023
MaxwellElder Druid3908 May 2023online
PlumElite Knight4908 May 2023
EvavorRoyal Paladin4710 May 2023
ZedasRoyal Paladin4110 May 2023
Don GatoMaster Sorcerer3515 May 2023
SandmanElite Knight4728 May 2023

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