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17 May 2024 - Thank you all for participating in the anniversary event. As it was in previous years, for the next week—until Friday, May 24—mobs will drop anniversary tokens, which can then be traded to NPC Christopher for unique and special rewards. Check full changelog...

Bolts and Cats

Welcome to the oldest neutral guild around.
If you're 50+ you're welcome to apply, please reach out to a vice-leader for more information

Sunbrite on Twitch:

The guild was founded on 10 Jul 2020.
It is currently active.
Their home is Greenshore Clanhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
LeaderSunbriteElite Knight10510 Jul 2020
MieutenantKeflaElder Druid9201 Jul 2022
AazzoxElite Knight6805 Dec 2022
TamituRoyal Paladin12728 Jun 2023
Omar LittleRoyal Paladin5506 Jul 2023
VorotemnarElite Knight5223 Jul 2023
Don GattoMaster Sorcerer9914 Dec 2023
Alveringus IsmiPaladin8115 Dec 2023
ClasmawRoyal Paladin11216 Apr 2024
Arch MauElroRoyal Paladin8414 Dec 2023
VirionMaster Sorcerer9428 Feb 2024
Superior MauGenkidamaElite Knight6729 Sep 2022
ZedasRoyal Paladin5702 Jul 2023
WeedhahahaPaladin5212 Jul 2023
Seweryn SpeedbolterPaladin6727 Jul 2023
Lama chodzi samaElite Knight7110 Nov 2023
Ceo FadeSorcerer6101 Dec 2023
Vense VermillionSorcerer6702 Dec 2023
AxenSorcerer7114 Dec 2023
MauVander SignusSorcerer4123 Oct 2023
Fifa PietnascieRoyal Paladin4801 Dec 2023
Bassline JunkieElite Knight4615 Dec 2023
NamRoyal Paladin4725 Dec 2023
Napoleon BorntopartyMaster Sorcerer3327 Feb 2024
MittensHoneycreeperDruid1722 Sep 2022
EliznerElder Druid1805 Dec 2022
FluttershyRoyal Paladin2306 Jul 2023
Apprentice MauVanessyElite Knight7716 May 2024
RetiredAlpacca (Retired Founder)Paladin6610 Jul 2020
Togaio (Retired Founder)Elite Knight3512 Jul 2020
Hugragra (Retired Founder)Elder Druid4212 Jul 2020
Tommy BoostElite Knight5112 Jul 2020
TurnipDruid2612 Jul 2020
Sir Nesux (Our Hero)Knight5713 Jul 2020
KaburaPaladin5614 Jul 2020
LamusiniRoyal Paladin11602 Oct 2020
OharisElder Druid6216 Oct 2020
DarbyRoyal Paladin7917 Dec 2020
Mac GurnElite Knight6118 Jul 2021online
Grimtrove (Master Investigator)Elite Knight6517 Feb 2022
Hand of Blood (Event Organizer)Knight2611 Feb 2023
Wet WillyKnight3725 Jul 2023

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