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We would like to kindly remind you that there are Rules regarding public
chats, e.g.

1. Trade, Help and Game-Chat are restricted to the English language only.
If you wish or need to converse in another language, you are welcome to
do so on the RL-Chat.

2. All the chats should be used as per their purpose. For example,
posting trade offers anywhere but on the Trade channel is not welcome.
The same applies to the Rule Violations channel - please use it only to
report violations, and not to ask general questions.

3. Sharing links to your own twitch or youtube streams is allowed, but
be aware that exercising this right excessively can be considered spam.

Violating the above, or any other, Rules, may result in banishment.
Please, read the Rules on the website carefully, and make sure that
you fully understand them.
09 Jul 2023 - As of the 17th of July our emissary NPC Christopher Tibis will again have to return to his duties in the celestial realm. Be aware that the anniversary tokens will also fade away on that day at the time of the server save. Therefore, if you still haven't exchanged your tokens we suggest doing so as soon as possible. Check full changelog...

Here you can view the highscores of Tibiantis. Use filters to select the skill and vocation. The highscores are updated during the server save. The characters that have been permanently banished are not included.

1ZanyElite Knight238220,438,753
2Don HagmanElite Knight216165,353,721
3SaviourElite Knight206142,750,942
4Mister AnderssonElder Druid199127,963,824
5NiklasMaster Sorcerer199127,699,582
6Sheikh'mirRoyal Paladin198126,884,042
7Bloody BanditMaster Sorcerer188108,454,260
8Reka Czlowieka ChimerycznegoElite Knight187105,701,138
9WlodekRoyal Paladin186105,158,383
10Reka Czlowieka CharytatywnegoRoyal Paladin18297,340,680
11HotshotRoyal Paladin18094,269,660
12Reka Czlowieka ChaotycznegoMaster Sorcerer17891,770,141
13LonztahMaster Sorcerer17891,148,751
14Reka Czlowieka ChawoznegoMaster Sorcerer17282,093,879
15Reka Czlowieka CharakternegoMaster Sorcerer17181,307,138
16FourceburgElite Knight17079,570,670
17RettobRoyal Paladin16978,083,801
18Hiatori KongMaster Sorcerer16877,508,214
19Kapten BengElder Druid16673,891,970
20KosiarzElite Knight16573,456,340
21FrytkaElite Knight16370,539,687
22DustRoyal Paladin16370,244,765
23Bailnho KongMaster Sorcerer16268,932,250
24Lysol KongRoyal Paladin16167,712,833
25Reka Czlowieka ChamskiegoMaster Sorcerer16167,095,446
26Asb'elMaster Sorcerer15863,581,028
27WaldorioRoyal Paladin15863,291,281
28MarinRoyal Paladin15762,830,719
29Rahis LunaticRoyal Paladin15762,827,812
30Pan TofelMaster Sorcerer15560,273,110
31CaburaElite Knight15358,116,751
32Bimmer NederlandElite Knight15358,028,854
33MelkorElite Knight15357,517,479
34PapioczekElite Knight15257,352,040
35ArchewRoyal Paladin15256,538,096
36Sergei PetronovElite Knight15155,229,951
37Angus KongElite Knight14953,072,576
38RoyalRoyal Paladin14852,145,962
39ArchewzRoyal Paladin14751,208,280
40EkiElite Knight14751,060,295
41Reka Czlowieka ChichoczacegoRoyal Paladin14751,035,266
42GedRoyal Paladin14750,991,413
43CovidElite Knight14549,383,301
44ArchewsRoyal Paladin14549,046,026
45PakoRoyal Paladin14548,897,780
46Super Fly EkaElite Knight14548,791,092
47Vox'EkElite Knight14347,528,276
48SlakenRoyal Paladin14346,928,220
49Reka Czlowieka ChorujacegoElite Knight14346,736,214
50SivazElite Knight14246,555,038
51Reka Czlowieka ChalunirowegoRoyal Paladin14246,373,901
52AntenkaElite Knight14246,217,680
53AkkolcElite Knight14246,153,911
54KushRoyal Paladin14145,733,329
55Biggest PigElite Knight14145,023,254
56OryaxElite Knight14044,058,212
57MaxiimusElder Druid14043,897,406
58JosefElite Knight13943,741,039
59Reka Czlowieka CholerycznegoKnight13842,561,677
60Vengador de Tonete PaladinElite Knight13842,272,782
61JarczanRoyal Paladin13741,341,019
62ExmindRoyal Paladin13741,091,454
63CoolerElite Knight13640,939,794
64Reka Czlowieka ChrzestnegoRoyal Paladin13640,318,917
65Kai GoElite Knight13640,249,466
66RodeleroElite Knight13539,606,229
67SmokedheadElite Knight13539,347,349
68Reka Czlowieka ChrzanowegoRoyal Paladin13438,863,943
69DomiRoyal Paladin13438,387,637
70IraqRoyal Paladin13337,810,075
71JointElite Knight13237,442,577
72SinaloaRoyal Paladin13237,349,280
73Lucky LukiElite Knight13236,951,183
74Kazo MinerElite Knight13236,925,294
75Marvin LondramElite Knight13236,888,986
76Raptor LunaticRoyal Paladin13236,726,931
77MuradinElite Knight13136,331,114
78AmnezjaElite Knight13136,271,437
79TangerineElite Knight13035,576,511
80Lucky OwlRoyal Paladin13035,547,759
81RobertElite Knight13035,416,751
82AnibalElite Knight12934,891,657
83SustanonnRoyal Paladin12934,687,795
84RobinsonElite Knight12934,333,683
85Reka Czlowieka ChwalebnegoElder Druid12834,109,338
86Father Alexander AndersonElite Knight12833,938,349
87TamituRoyal Paladin12833,717,323
88AnikileitorsRoyal Paladin12833,521,073
89Raptor TyranMaster Sorcerer12733,126,435
90DrakzerRoyal Paladin12733,126,222
91SchinollRoyal Paladin12732,632,270
92TristanMaster Sorcerer12632,508,129
93Old MurecoElite Knight12632,333,897
94Etzekhiel RageElite Knight12632,110,609
95Henkie El'BaguusRoyal Paladin12632,091,868
96CzarodziejMaster Sorcerer12631,959,614
97BluuhElite Knight12631,902,173
98MeferidusRoyal Paladin12531,388,256
99Van RebelionElite Knight12531,380,582
100Arde RegorPaladin12531,332,095

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