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05 Apr 2022 - Guildhall transfers are now available. Make sure that the new owner meets the requirements at the server save, otherwise the guildhall will be lost. Several minor fixes were also applied on the forum. Check full changelog...

Fansites are websites dedicated to, or supporting, Tibiantis Online. Fansites usually provide a lot of useful information and features, but you should always bear in mind that they are created and managed entirely by players. Tibiantis Administration does not take responsibility for their content nor guarantees the correctness of those information. With any concerns it is advised to contact the right authors.

Fansites was inspired by the old Erig site. Just like its progenitor, it collects statistical data, provides several useful online-calculators, contains informative libraries and offers a few other interesting features. English content and oldschool intuitive design make it a website for both old-timers and newcomers.
Discord contact: zQt#1209
Because the information relevant to version 7.4 on the Internet are often inaccurate or incomplete, this project was created to collect all the essential data from Tibiantis Online. Items, monsters, NPC, and anything you might ask for.
Discord contact: Aleksander#1330
Offers no more but a simple tool to help you manage your unjustified kills. Simple, yet very useful. Older players may have a reminiscence of the feature from classic Pskonejott website - very much like that, indeed.
Discord contact: Hymns87#7244
Although today Torg forum is mostly known for its... specific atmosphere, it has a very rich history. Started in 2003 as one of the first Polish forums about you-know-what game. Unlike the others Torg managed to stay active until present days. Overtime evolved to a more general-theme forum about "everything and nothing", but not forgetting its roots Torg now supports Tibiantis Online.

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