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17 Apr 2024 - Rule 3 has been updated with a new entry: "Players who are complicit in cheating by aiding, abetting and/or consciously profiting from illegal actions of other players, may also be punished with 7-day banishment, 14-day banishment, 30-day banishment with or without a final warning, or permanent banishment, depending on the seriousness of the violation and the Player's criminal record." - This doesn't really change the way we enforce the rules, because such cases used to be punished as "destructive behavior". We decided, however, that it deserves to be stated explicitly in the Rules.

We also updated Rule 6.: starting from Apr 25, the automatic auction bans will be twice as long. Check full changelog...
Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. For easier searching, the questions have been grouped into several categories. Click the link to jump directly to the selected category. If your question is not on the list and you could not find an answer elsewhere, contact us and we will help the best we can.


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Q: What should I do if I don't receive the activation e-mail?

First, check inside the spam folder since some services can mistakenly mark our messages as spam. If you have confirmed that you did not receive the message at all, let us know at [email protected] and we will look into your issue. You may also want to try registering with another e-mail address from a different service in the meantime.

Q: What are the rates in Tibiantis Online?

All the rates are accurate to the original 7.4 and can be referred to as x1.

Q: Where is the game server located?

Currently we are hosting one game world which is located in London, UK.

Q: Are you planning to open new game servers, possibly in a different location?

As Tibiantis will continue to grow, new game worlds may be opened one day but not in the nearest future.

Q: Is Tibiantis reset once in a while?

No, Tibiantis is not meant to be reset. The existing game server was launched on April 4, 2020 and hasn't been reset since. We encourage you to take your time and to not worry about losing your progress.

Q: Are there any custom changes or new areas?

Yes. Although Tibiantis is known for having recreated the original mechanics in very detail, we applied several changes in order to balance the game even better and to ensure it feels even closer to what it used to be back in the days. To keep the game fresh, there is also expanded content to discover. All changes are carefully designed to fit the original vibe, not to change the game completly.

Q: What time is the server save?

The server save is executed every day at 9:00 a.m. CET/CEST. It takes about 15 minutes during which the server is offline. Note that you won't be able to log into the game 5 minutes (or less) before the save.


Q: Is it possible to change the registered e-mail address?

Yes, you can change the e-mail address in the account settings. The change takes effect after 14 days and can be canceled anytime until then.

Q: Is it possible to change the account number?

No, this is not possible. The account number is a unique ID and cannot be changed.

Q: Is it possible to change a character's name?

Yes, a character's name can be changed for the cost of 90 premium days. For 6 months after the change, the former name will appear on the website, also allowing to search the character by it. The next change will be allowed after 365 days.


Q: Is it allowed to use a bot or macro?

No! Tibiantis has a very strict policy against software that may give unfair advantage over other players. Please make sure that you read and understood the rules before joining the game.

Q: Can I physically put something on the hotkey to prevent logging out while being away from my computer?

No, this would have the same effect as recording a macro to repeatedly press that hotkey, and is therefore treated the same.

Q: I have two computers, can I log in two characters at the same time?

No! Each player can only have one character online at a time. The number of used devices and/or Internet connections is irrelevant. Please make sure that you read and understood the game rules before joining the game.

Q: I play with my brother on the same Internet connection. Can we get banned?

No, you will not get banned for the fact of sharing the same Internet connection. A shared IP address does not imply the use of a multi-client, nor does using different IP addresses imply no use of a multi-client. As long as each of you plays only one character you don't break the rules. Keep in mind that you should abide by this rule at all times when the characters are online, not only at the moment of a Gamemaster's visit.

Q: Can I "exit" one character and log in with another while the first one is still online?

It is not allowed and is treated the same as a multi-client. This is because "exited" character may still benefit from staying online, e.g. regenerate or body block.

Q: Can I "exit" my character while it is PZ-locked and leave it online for the whole day?

It is not disallowed per se. However, in extreme cases it may be considered game weakness abusing. For instance, one player could ask his friends to leave their characters online to body block certain passage for the day. This shouldn't be done, especially if it involves people who in fact do not play the game. Also, you must not log on with another character while you are keeping one online, connected or not (see the question above).

Q: Can I get banned for using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or GPN (Gamers Private Network) service?

No, it is not disallowed to use such services. Sometimes it may even be recommended as it may help optimize the connection and reduce lag. However, it should not be used to hide the fact of breaking the multi-client rule.

Q: Can I bind spells (hotkeys) to my mouse buttons?

Yes, this is perfectly fine. The mouse software should not be used to play programmed mouse macros but binding or remapping keys is not disallowed.

Q: Where can I report a rule violation?

The best course of action is to send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also use the in game report panel (ctrl + r) but you should bear in mind that the gamemaster may be unable to answer right away and your message will disappear when you log out or close the channel, therefore e-mail contact is preferred.


Q: Can I play Tibiantis Online on MacOS?

Tibiantis Client is natively a Windows application, therefore other operating systems are not supported. It was confirmed to run on some versions of MacOS via various compatibility layers but it is not guaranteed.

Q: Can I play Tibiantis Online on Linux?

Tibiantis Client is natively a Windows application, therefore other operating systems are not supported. However, it was widely tested and confirmed to run on some of the most popular Linux distributions via Wine without any major issues.

Q: Is there an Android client?

No, there is no Android client version and there are no plans for such.

Q: Is "WASD walking" an option?

Yes, it can be turned on in the extra options menu. Click the small '+' button just above the fight stances icons to reach the menu. You can also set to toggle the WASD mode on and off by a keypress. By default it is the "Enter" key (also known as "Return"), but you can change the key code in tibiantis.ini configuration file located in the /Tibiantis/game/ folder.

Q: Is there a built-in recorder?

Yes, the recorder is always active and all recordings are saved in your /Tibiantis/cam/character_name/ folder as *.cam files.

Q: How can I play the *.cam files?

You simply need to put your cam file in the /Tibiantis/cam/ folder, then run CamPlayer in the main folder and enter the game leaving the account number and the password fields empty. The list of cam files will be loaded allowing you to select.


Q: Is Tibiantis free to play?

Tibiantis is free to play but part of the content can be restricted to premium accounts.

Q: What are the advantages of a premium account?

Players with premium status can access several premium areas, travel by ship and flying carpet, learn more spells, sleep in bed, rent houses, and found guilds. Premium characters of level 20 or higher can also promote to elite knight, royal paladin, elder druid or master sorcerer for a fee of 20,000 gold. Last but not least, there are 6 additional outfits for premium characters (3 for each sex).

Q: What are the benefits of a promotion?

Apart from the estimable title in the vocation name, promotion comes with slightly faster regeneration and lower rate of skill loss upon death. Each vocation can also learn one additional spell.

Q: What happens when the premium time runs out?

When premium time expires all the advantages are removed. Houses are lost during the next server save, character is moved out of premium area upon the next login, promotion is deactivated. However, promotion is automatically granted back without additional fees when the account regains the premium status. The selected premium outfit can still be used until it is changed.

Q: Can I buy or sell premium in-game?

Yes, premium tokens can be exchanged for an in-game item called "premium piggy bank". This item can be used to activate premium by handing it over to any post officer NPC. Premium piggy bank can be traded between players just as any other item and serves no other purpose. Also note that it cannot be exchanged back for a premium token.

Q: How do I activate premium?

If you want to spend your premium token, just log on to the website, click "manage" next to your tokens and use the "activate" option. In case you want to activate premium in-game using a premium piggy bank, simply go to any post officer NPC (the same who sell parcels), after greeting them, say "premium" and then confirm by saying "yes". You will need to relog for the newly activated premium to have effect in the game. If it was activated via the in-game method, you also need to wait up to 3 minutes first and only then relog. Please note that activating premium is irreversible.

Q: Is it possible to transfer remaining premium time to another account?

No, this is not possible.


Q: Where do I put the money for rent?

The money for rent is debited to the depot of the town where the house is. It does not matter whether the money is put all together or in parts in seperate containers. Your depot simply has to contain the whole sum.

Q: What happens to the items left in a house when the house is lost?

When a house is lost or left by choice, all the items are moved to the former owner's depot in the town where the house is. In case a house is transfered or sold all the items stay inside, so make sure you take all your valuables before trading a house.

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