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22 Sep 2022 - A few minor bugs fixed in the client: cams save properly now upon exit; server messages at the beginning of a cam are now omitted and do not prevent the playback - works with old cams as well. Moreover, the CPU of the CamPlayer has been optimised. In case of any issues with the auto-updater, please download the new version of the client directly from our website.

Furthermore, a few minor improvements were also implemented in the forum: new icons, consistent marking of read and new/unread posts/topics (requires login); saving the content during post writing/editing in case the user is unexpectedly logged out or the browser tab is closed (content saved via auto-save to the browser's local storage); a preview of the text is now available when writing/editing a post. Check full changelog...
Alas, this is the end!

The city is in ruin! A great battle took place in Kha'labal. The allied forces of humans and the friendly djinns faced the power of those foul green djinns. Inopportunely, when we least expected it, an army of undead entered the fight to aid our enemy. So all the rumours were true! Anon, there was complete chaos. Dark clouds concealed the suns and suddenly we were encompassed by darkness cut only by the flashes of powerful spells cast on both sides. Then the earth shook! One of such spells struck the central part of the wall and caused it, its indestructibility notwithstanding, to collapse. In seconds, an unstoppable fire wave broke into the city spreading quickly, carried by the wind, from tree to tree, from building to building. None of those who witnessed it had ever seen anything like it - it was horrifying! Many died an excruciating death, consumed by the flames, and I, the undersigned, am on a boat adrift, accompanied by a handful of survivors, carried by the tides to the north. We know not what awaits us, but have no illusions - thence is end of Ankrahmun and the end of this chronicle. May the gods watch over us!

Tibius Nibius, the city's chronicler

"When Ank?!" – This question, asked so often, has become almost rhetorical too long ago. It's high time it finally received an answer! The Ankrahmun rework that we announced a few months back will be introduced on the 17th of December 2022, during server save at the usual time (i.e. 09:00 CET). Therefore, the save might take a little longer - server reboot is scheduled for 12:00 CET.

You can read more about the rework, the reasons behind it, our motivation, and Ankrahmun itself here - we cordially invite you to do so while waiting for the update.

Your Tibiantis Online Team

Kay, 03 Dec 2022 16:31:03 CET Comment (5)

Dear Players,

as we were celebrating the second anniversary not so long ago, we mentioned that it's an excellent moment to summarise the recent developments. We realise that the subject of custom Ankrahmun heated the Tibiantis community almost as much as the sands of the vast desert of Kha'labal. You asked many questions about that topic and we decided to address all the issues exhaustively. We'd also like to show you our perspective, explain some of the reasons that had led us to the decisions that we made, and share our conslusions and lessons for the future. Moreover, we would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that the custom Ankrahmun is getting a rework! Please feel encouraged to read all about the answers, reasons and plans regarding Ankrahmun in this post.

There's more news we'd like to share with you. We've always been committed to the long-term development of the server, and many a time you asked about our plans for the future. That is why we prepared, for your reference, a list of our goals for the next weeks, months and years. It is sort of a roadmap that is meant to show the way for the development of Tibiantis. Feel free to view the plan and share your opinions. The development plan is available here.

As a side note, we'd like to inform that as of the 7th of August our emissary Christopher Tibis will have to return to his duties in the celestial realm. Be aware that the anniversary tokens will also fade away on that day at the time of the server save. Therefore, if you still haven't exchanged your tokens we suggest doing so as soon as possible.

Your Tibiantis Online Team

Kay, 27 Jul 2022 21:49:31 CEST Comment (1)

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