Merry Christmas!

Have you been good this year?
Santa Claus has left his cozy house in Vega to bestow presents on Tibiantis inhabitants!
Don't hesitate to pay him a visit! :)
Christmas Trees are also available at furniture stores.

Warmest wishes!
Kay, 24 Dec 2020 10:23:45 CET Comment (1)
Dear Players,

in the past weeks we have been working on re-arranging the whole Tibiantis back-end infrastructure in order to ensure its long-term stability and bug-free performence. We'd now like to ask you to help us make sure of it. For that reason we're inviting everyone to take part in a public test server!

Test server will be open tomorrow (24th December) at 12:00 CET and held on as long as needed. To encourage joining, it will start as pvp-enforced, with all rules as they were back in the day (lack of skulls, experience for killing players, shorter exhaust time for offensive spells). In each town's depot you can also find NPC Tobias The Helper who will donate you some money and runes.

Test server will load database saved on today's server save. All accounts and characters will be present in the state as they were at that time - except for premium, which is given to every account regardless of its status. Of course deeds from test server, other than breaking the rules, will NOT have any impact on your character on the actual server. Being online on both in the same time is allowed.

To login, you only need to check 'Test Server Login' in client's options and type your passwords (up-to-date as for 23th Dec 09:00 CET).
For test server purposes, client will be updated to version 1.43 tomorrow after daily-save.

Have fun!
Dear Players,

We'd like to share with you first teaser of the upcoming update. Date of release is not scheduled yet, but from now, until then, we will be posting update teasers regularly. Treat this one as an introduction.
As a sidenote, we'd like to mention the new website is almost finished and we will probably be moving to it next week. If you'd still want to request anything for the new website, don't hesitate to do that. :) Use our forum or
discord server.

Day 187
It's been half a year on that smelly boat. My fever has subsided, but I'm not feeling any better. I think I'm driving crazy. Around noon I went on a deck and I mistook the clouds for a shore. Nobody laughed. I think we're all driving crazy. Even the Venoreans. Only the captain seems to stay in shape. Actually, I must had been already crazy for entering this crazy service. Was that the money or desire to get out of that falling-down town? The caliph must be crazy to believe his first-born son is still alive. And Battuta Ibn Kazzan was crazy as well. Designate a route to Thais through the Southern Seas? That's a crazy idea to even think of. He is probably long eaten by sharks or makes a signpost for sea turtles. And for us... on our way to death from dehydration... at best. Aren't we all crazy? Is it that burning sun or the omnipresent sand that makes all Darashians mad men? No wonder the king does not give a penny for that crazy sandy rubble... Curse that!

Day 188
In the early morning we were awekened by a scream. A mad scream. Not that kind of scream as when you call on someone. A scream as if you were being skinned alive. I wasn't frightened though. It sounded somewhat familiar, besides I think I'm already crazy enough not to care. But there was a commotion on the ship, so I looked up and then I heard clearly one word: "LAND!". A word I haven't heard for so long one could have thought it was a forbidden word. It was the sailor on a crow's nest. My first thought was that the poor guy drove crazy and has mistaken clouds for... suddenly, the land appeared before our eyes.

A land green as I've never seen in my life. Not that I have seen much other than the burnt land of Darashia, but... Is that real? Or have I just died and now my soul's slowly moving towards that green paradise? Well, could've been worse... 'Prepare the lifeboats, we're going ashore!' - yelled the captain just behind my ear.
Kay, 20 Sep 2020 23:25:08 CEST Comment (0)
Dear Players,

small client and houses updates are here!

From now you can sell houses to other players as well as transfer between characters of your own account. In order to do that, you need to log in to "My Account" page and go to "My Houses". You will find all the details there.
We also announce that since server save on Saturday 18th July inactive guilds will no longer be able to keep guildhouses. If guild is inactive it will lose its guildhouse on that server save, and every next server save since then. Please keep that in mind and make sure your guild meets all the requirements!

New client version 1.40 brings changes in cam player and WASD walking. From now your recordings are saved in sub-folders named after the character those were recorded on. You will no longer struggle finding specific cams due to having relogged many times, as all cams are now sorted by characters! In order to watch cams you need to copy them to the main cam folder. Additionaly, from now cams are played by external program, which allows you to watch while staying online in game.

New client also allows you to change the key used to switch WASD mode on and off. In order to do that, go to Tibiantis/game/ folder and open Tibiantis.ini file in any text editor. Find a line "wasdKey =" and replace the following number with a number corresponding to the key you'd want to use instead, using below scheme as reference.

By default it is set to 13, which represents Enter key. Remember, that any changes should be done when your client is closed.

We'd also like to announce the new website is right behind the corner! It is currently work in progress, so please give it a bit more patience :)

Have fun and see you in Tibantis!

There is no race on earth in which eternal peace and harmony prevail. It might have seemed that djinns were an exception, but history shows there are none. Intelligent beings are not created for eternal happiness, but for struggling with their own weaknesses.

Probably the reason of split was friendship between the ruler – Gabel and human – Daraman. That's merely a guess, because it has never been confirmed by any party. Malor, a djinn general, under the guise of politeness, sometimes a request, sometimes a threat, recruited his allies in secret to get rid of then ruler. Although many strictly refused to betray Gabel, many of the strong warriors supported Malor. Fast and precise planning resulted in a very well prepared strategy. At Malor’s signal, the rebels attacked Gabel’s palace quickly and successfully defeated the guards, but their main goal, which was to kill the king, was not achieved. Gabel had been warned. Under the cover of night he managed to escape. Having learned that, Malor ordered his warriors to prepare, as he correctly predicted - a long war awaited them.

No fight there was for a while. Both sides focused on gaining as many allies as possible. However, the state of affairs of that time hit the consciousness of djinns hard. Some of them still remained neutral. The real drama took place in families where children stood against their parents and brother was ready to fight against brother. Since the very beginning it was known that the war would be rough, but followed by great division it directly threatened further fate of the djinn race. Factions have also differed by their names - Gabel's subordinates were called Marids and Malor's allies were named Efreets. None of the parties intended to let go, and deepening hatred only fueled the will to fight.

Eventually, Malor proposed a decisive resolution, challenging Gabel to a duel. Gabel, ready to do anything to end the war, accepted the challenge. That is how they stood against each other - the king and usurper - and behind them faithful armies. None of them was naive enough to appear in the fertile Kha'alabal glades without support. Gabel took the first step forward, and at the same time the ground in front parted in thousands and from its depths undead hordes came. Malor had managed to form a secret alliance with necromancers from Drefia. He now watched with satisfaction as Marids' troops retreated hastily to the south. The changeling did not expect, however, that this escape was part of a well thought-out plan. Similarly, he did not expect that Gabel would manage to form an alliance with the inhabitants of the city of Ankrahmun, to which Marids' troops were just heading. When he realized his plan had been figured out, it was too late for Malor to force the undead and revengeful Efreets to turn back. Despite the sea of arrows and stones decimating the troops, the undead along with the djinns methodically stormed the gates of the ancient city. Great fight begun.
Baa'led, commander of the Efreet detachment, was determined to decide the fate of war "here and now", despite significant loses on his side. Seeing bravely fighting, side by side, the united forces of Marids and humans, Baa'led called the most powerful wizards. They created a wall of fire which was supposed to change fortunes in this battle. But they could not precisely control direction of the fire and Marids' magicians tried to turn the fire against them. Flames moved as if undecided. Suddenly it turned north, mercilessly digesting its creators. Led by a delicate southern breeze, turned into dust everything it came across. This is how the beautiful, bustling Kha'Labal garden turned into a hostile, harsh desert.

A huge wall of fire that was constantly expanding in each direction separated two armies and forced them to retreat. High walls of Ankrahmun did not manage to stop the element, and people could not evacuate from the city burned alive in a blink of an eye. Those who managed to escape on ships - sailed up the continent, where they have founded a new settlement, named Darashia. Ruins of Ankrahmun became the new home for the undead, a cursed place where only brave warriors ventured, hoping to get to the treasury of the abandoned city. Few have ever returned from the trip, and if so, usually with new scars on their faces instead of stuffed pockets.

The war consumed many victims from both sides, and the survivors refused to continue fighting after losing their fortress. Gabel was in a losing position, knowing that he would not survive Malor's next attack. Therefore, the king turned to his good friend Fa'hradin for advice. He suggested using a trick to get rid of Malor. Gabel, wanting to avoid another bloodshed, agreed to Fa’hradin's idea. The special magic lamp was created, and the way in which it found itself in Malor's private chambers remains unknown to this day. Unsuspecting Malor was certain he was going to sleep in his own lamp. In fact, he was trapped. The lamp was quickly taken to the Marid fortress, and Malor became a prisoner of Gabel from then on.

The plan was partly successful. Despite the kidnapping, Efreet leaders were too hateful and vengeful to lay down their weapons. While generations of people built cities and powerful kingdoms far beyond the continent, djinn factions waited in secret for centuries to rebuild their armies. For safety reasons, Gabel decided to take the lamp with the imprisoned djinn far north. He did not suspect that many years later the orc race would build its fortress in the same place. One day the lamp was found and handed over to their ruler. It didn't take long to find out who was inside. The careless king released a powerful spirit after many years of captivity. Since then, fate of the orc ruler remains unknown. Subjects admit that their king is alive, but there is no one who can present a tangible proof. Also to this day, Malor travels the world waiting for a convenient moment to carry out an act of revenge, and anyone who makes an alliance with one side becomes at the same time the mortal enemy of the other faction.
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