Buy Premium Account
The purchase of premium is an agreement between Tibiantis and the player, in which player agrees to pay given sum and to not charge the money back nor create disputes, and Tibiantis agrees to provide premium to the player's account within 24 hours starting once his payment is received in Tibiantis PayPal account.
Player can request a refund with no obligation to provide a reason - as long as premium was not activated nor passed to other player. In that case Tibiantis will proceed to refund player's money back to his PayPal account within 3 days. Request should be sent on [email protected]
In case of starting chargeback and/or dispute procedures  - player's account will be blocked until clarification and can be blocked permanently.

Once premium is delivered to the player's account he can choose to 'activate' or 'acquire' in game - via his account page. Premium time starts upon activation, NOT the moment of delivery. When acquired in game - player can further activate it or pass it to another player.

One premium equals 30 days of premium time. However, when you activate it via account page - you also get 3 days extra! Which makes it 33 days in total. Activation ingame provides 30 days.

Accounts with no character of level 8 or above can only buy 1 premium and only to be activated via account page ('acquire' option disabled). But once they reach required level this limit is lifted.

Accounts that are temporarily or permanently banished cannot order premium.

There are four order options, as following:

1x premium - 9.50 euro
2x premium - 18 euro
3x premium - 25 euro
5x premium - 35 euro

To continue payment, log in to your account.

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