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07 Jun 2024 - The anniversary tokens have faded away and NPC Christopher Tibis has returned to his duties in the celestial realm. Check full changelog...

Although Tibiantis is free to play, as an expression of your support for our project, you can promote your account to premium status. The collected funds are used to develop the project and ensure stable servers' infrastructure. It also opens for a player a few features, available only for premium accounts. Premium players can access several new isles with additional content, travel by ship and flying carpets, learn new spells, rent houses, found guilds, and promote their vocation to elite, royal, master or elder, which slightly increases their regeneration and decreases death penalty.

Once premium is delivered to the player's account, player can choose (via his account page) to 'activate' it or 'acquire' in game as an item. When acquired in game, player will receive a 'premium piggy bank' item to the depot of a choice. Premium piggy bank can be used to activate premium at any post-office NPC (by saying: hi, premium, yes) or passed to another player, whom also will be allowed to activate. It can be traded by players too. Activation of one premium token provides 30 days of premium time. Premium time starts upon activation, NOT the moment of delivery! Player chooses the moment of activation. Please refer to the Terms of Use for refunds policy.

Accounts with no character of level 15 or higher can only buy 1 premium and can only activate via account page ('acquire' option disabled). But once they reach required level both limits are removed. Accounts that are temporarily or permanently banished cannot order premium.

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