Tibiantis Administration is the only entity with the right to set, interpret, correct, change and enforce the rules. This page is the only official source of current rules. Changes are announced via 'News' and/or 'Message of the day'.
Rules are general, Administration reserves the right to stop any inappropriate behavior that was not mentioned specifically.

1) Statements
On all public communication channels it is forbidden to spread statements that are: offensive, harassing, sexually-related, nonsense (e.g. random strings), supporting and encouraging rules violation, advertising third parties, intended to harm the sake of Tibiantis and its administration, pretending to have an official position, violating the law or generally objectionable. It is also disallowed to advertise outside-game trades.

"Communication channels" here are not limited to channels sensu stricto, but include everything that could be used to publicly spread the statement, e.g. comments on character's page or even nicknames.

On the following in-game chats only English language is allowed: Game-Chat, Help, Trade. So is on official forum and discord server (with exception of certain native boards).

2) Cheating
Cheating is strictly forbidden under the threat of deletion of all accounts that belong to, or are played by, the offender.
That includes, but is not limited to, modyfing Tibiantis client or its files, using unofficial software to play the game, using any kind of automation (e.g. so called "bots" and "macros") or playing more than one character at a time (called "multiclient").
Every player is allowed to have only ONE character online.

3) Bugs
Players are obligated to report and not abuse any found bugs.
Extreme abuse of game weaknesses may also be taken as offence.

4) Trading
Account trading and sharing, as well as game items trading (for payment out of the game), are not punishable, but neither are supported in any way. Tibiantis Administration will therefore not take any actions, but strongly advice against such dealings as it puts a player under the risk of getting scammed or banished - in case the person whom he shares one of the accounts turns out to be a cheater.
It is also forbidden to advertise any of those on public communication channels, under the threat of banishment.

5) PvP actions
Tibiantis is a game that allows player-vs-player interaction. Killing other players is therefore allowed, but limited by the 'unjustified' system.
Blocking one's path is allowed as long as there's any possible way to break through or walk around.

Before addressing any doubts concerning the rules, please check our FAQ first.

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