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Rudi Kazo Bandits

Forgot your rope going down the mines? Call Rudi!
Difficulties finding prison in Kazordoon? Call Rudi!
Drunken dwarves giving you hard time? Call Rudi!
Friendly & helpful ginger crew.
Now? Family.
The guild was founded on 05 Feb 2024.
It is currently active.
Their home is Thais Clanhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
Freckled All-OverGangus ThaisElite Knight10822 Feb 2024
GingerShercoSorcerer5906 Feb 2024
MocnyElite Knight9806 Feb 2024
RadoslawKnight5616 Feb 2024
SoliusDruid2824 Feb 2024
LodziaKnight3024 Feb 2024
Ariez ZapKnight3203 Mar 2024
CarteiraRoyal Paladin3018 Mar 2024
Typowa CebulaElite Knight8805 Apr 2024
HaliaxMaster Sorcerer13424 Jun 2024
WhatareKnight5810 Jul 2024
Reddish-OrangeLazy TowelElder Druid2416 Feb 2024
TrurlMaster Sorcerer4305 Apr 2024
KlikaczRoyal Paladin7109 Apr 2024
Tough As'hellElite Knight11401 Jun 2024
Reddish-BrownZatrzymuje RookMaster Sorcerer4706 Feb 2024
JackersMaster Sorcerer2809 Apr 2024

Invited Characters
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