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17 May 2024 - Thank you all for participating in the anniversary event. As it was in previous years, for the next week—until Friday, May 24—mobs will drop anniversary tokens, which can then be traded to NPC Christopher for unique and special rewards. Check full changelog...

Memento Mori

The relentless, the fearless, and the ruthless.
The guild was founded on 23 Aug 2023.
It is currently active.
Their home is House of Recreation.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
WarlordRahis LunaticRoyal Paladin19216 Apr 2024online
MercenaryTerribleSorcerer3023 Aug 2023
VelesRoyal Paladin3323 Aug 2023
AlessandroszkiMaster Sorcerer3001 Oct 2023
YoshimitzuRoyal Paladin3220 Nov 2023
FlamboyantSorcerer8020 Feb 2024online
Kapten BangRoyal Paladin13817 Mar 2024online
MemberChatu Al'WishaElite Knight6203 Feb 2024

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