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17 Apr 2024 - Rule 3 has been updated with a new entry: "Players who are complicit in cheating by aiding, abetting and/or consciously profiting from illegal actions of other players, may also be punished with 7-day banishment, 14-day banishment, 30-day banishment with or without a final warning, or permanent banishment, depending on the seriousness of the violation and the Player's criminal record." - This doesn't really change the way we enforce the rules, because such cases used to be punished as "destructive behavior". We decided, however, that it deserves to be stated explicitly in the Rules.

We also updated Rule 6.: starting from Apr 25, the automatic auction bans will be twice as long. Check full changelog...

Konfitury oraz Przetwory

RPG with friends
The guild was founded on 15 Mar 2023.
It is currently active.
Their home is Nordic Stronghold.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
Powidla SliwkoweLonztah (Sterydziarz)Master Sorcerer20715 Mar 2023
Marmolada WisniowaSustanonnRoyal Paladin14225 Mar 2023
Beautiful Destruction (Adi Deletadi)Master Sorcerer13628 Apr 2023
Kush (Dracula)Royal Paladin15026 May 2023
Sir Blenders (Habibi)Master Sorcerer4024 Nov 2023
Krecik BossElder Druid4714 Jan 2024
PabuchRoyal Paladin12116 Feb 2024
Percival de RoloRoyal Paladin14011 Mar 2024
SinisterElite Knight13402 Apr 2024
Magiska MyrrkMaster Sorcerer14402 Apr 2024

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