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Liberdade invites all friendly Brazilians to join.
Friendly/Neutral guild dedicated to Brazilians.
As we are few, I decided to create a home for all Brazilians playing in Tibiantis. For fun, exploring, quests and RPG. Liberdade IS NOT, however, a guild exclusively for Brazilians. Anyone that doesn't mind a little of Brazilian Portuguese in the chat/Discord is welcome.
The guild was founded on 20 Feb 2023.
It is currently active.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
MarshalMuffRoyal Paladin11122 Feb 2023online
GeneralVithious SolifitratusRoyal Paladin6720 Feb 2023
StevenDruid4021 Feb 2023
KissElite Knight4221 Feb 2023online
Don RuaMaster Sorcerer4022 Feb 2023
Old Mureco (Old But Gold)Elite Knight10102 Mar 2023
SoldierDare'DevilKnight1221 Feb 2023
Sofia SlaughterMaster Sorcerer2123 Feb 2023
StrombelezaKnight2009 Mar 2023
LunoxRoyal Paladin2313 Mar 2023
Petri MonstKnight1717 Mar 2023
StraickerKnight1120 Mar 2023
Fod FortKnight2422 Mar 2023
RikotuKnight2622 Mar 2023
DeviczSorcerer2723 Mar 2023
SergeantRed SonjaDruid1106 Mar 2023
VillenoElite Knight5813 Mar 2023
Tulio BielRoyal Paladin4313 Mar 2023
Sir TulioKnight1413 Mar 2023
RecruitJordaoDruid1021 Feb 2023
QualyKnight1321 Feb 2023
AeyenullKnight1621 Feb 2023
VistanerKnight1722 Feb 2023
ZaikosaurosKnight1524 Feb 2023
AstrixElder Druid2010 Mar 2023
Elahrion AvessarKnight2210 Mar 2023
HellElder Druid1913 Mar 2023
Warrior PrecisionKnight1613 Mar 2023
YorickKnight3920 Mar 2023
BolterRoyal Paladin3221 Mar 2023
CanabravaKnight2624 Mar 2023
LieutenantNico LindoElite Knight2407 Mar 2023
AleshowMaster Sorcerer2810 Mar 2023
DiplomatWileyElder Druid3218 Mar 2023
Spoofy (Murica)Royal Paladin5818 Mar 2023
LudjakElite Knight2918 Mar 2023
Amor FatiMaster Sorcerer2423 Mar 2023
CorporalMago NegroElder Druid2923 Feb 2023
Royal SlashRoyal Paladin2623 Feb 2023

Invited Characters
Name Rank
Japa Black BeltSoldier
Felix TandborsteDiplomat
Queens GambitMajor

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