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We are a peaceful, NEUTRAL guild, and avoid conflicts at all costs.
We enjoy Tibiantis in many different ways. Some of us like to PG, some like to RPG, some just like to chat, some love to explore. But each and every one of us enjoys friendship. This we all have in common.
Our Goal is to have fun, help the community, contribute to the server and show people that Oldschool is not dead.
Polish/English speaking guild.
The guild was founded on 09 Feb 2023.
It is currently active.
Their home is Suntower.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
MascotFlomes (Minyah)Elite Knight8209 Feb 2023
LoyalAdis ArnulfElite Knight4212 Feb 2023
AerinRoyal Paladin3413 Feb 2023
MollierKnight5016 Feb 2023
Thor lacruaElite Knight5117 Feb 2023
Guziec taka swiniaz afrykiElite Knight4417 Feb 2023
Royal Haze (Pozytywny Buszek)Royal Paladin3025 Feb 2023
Royal Skun (Pozytywny Buch)Royal Paladin3026 Feb 2023
Anibal (Full Expando)Elite Knight11912 Mar 2023
Beemiarz (Flomes Lover)Master Sorcerer3613 Mar 2023
SartenElder Druid3422 Mar 2023
Rune ManiacMagiczny Krzak (Weed Man)Elder Druid1912 Feb 2023
Uszaty (Ganja Man)Elder Druid1912 Feb 2023
Pozytywna RoslinaMaster Sorcerer2007 Mar 2023
Moge LepiejMaster Sorcerer2008 Mar 2023
ManiacTamarez (Norbert)Elder Druid2009 Feb 2023
Arte YogurPaladin3012 Feb 2023
Harry'PotterMaster Sorcerer3012 Feb 2023
MariouszSorcerer3613 Feb 2023
YokashinePaladin4218 Feb 2023
Cossack Hard Tank (Kokainowy Baron)Elite Knight5218 Feb 2023
Terry LeyendaKnight3019 Feb 2023
Rywin GatesElder Druid2419 Feb 2023
Dzefrej EscobarElder Druid3519 Feb 2023
KlaasMaster Sorcerer3719 Feb 2023
AntonRoyal Paladin5220 Feb 2023
La LineaRoyal Paladin4320 Feb 2023
NariElder Druid3221 Feb 2023
PafkoElite Knight3002 Mar 2023
Krysu WielkiMaster Sorcerer4405 Mar 2023
Jutro MagazynRoyal Paladin3205 Mar 2023
Bezcenny Argentynski KaktusElder Druid1907 Mar 2023
FlameMaster Sorcerer5409 Mar 2023
XarvolDruid2009 Mar 2023
JounaRoyal Paladin4712 Mar 2023
AllezRoyal Paladin5515 Mar 2023
Byczy KnightElite Knight6616 Mar 2023
Jonathan Lightbringer (Minyah)Paladin2018 Mar 2023
Mientki MienczakElder Druid3021 Mar 2023
Inactive ManiacEkmpElite Knight5113 Feb 2023
HanibalSorcerer2717 Feb 2023
BimbrownikRoyal Paladin3519 Feb 2023
LaydozDruid1123 Feb 2023
KiKnight6723 Feb 2023
Cassino KingRashidMaster Sorcerer1917 Feb 2023

Invited Characters
Name Rank
My lordsLoyal

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