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Shadow Echo

It is what It is
The guild was founded on 04 Jan 2023.
It is currently active.
Their home is Valorous Venore.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
LeaderSoon Zuu Hamax (Sie Gra Sie Ma)Elite Knight10004 Jan 2023
Vice LeaderPaladyniarzRoyal Paladin8904 Jan 2023
KatRoyal Paladin4404 Jan 2023
Dirty HarryElite Knight3605 Jan 2023
Tood ElatElder Druid3405 Jan 2023
Dzida FestRoyal Paladin3606 Jan 2023
JopekElite Knight3119 Jan 2023
GaganKnight7202 Feb 2023
MemberPanna MartynaKnight1804 Jan 2023
Sprytny JoeElite Knight2404 Jan 2023
BobuuSorcerer3207 Jan 2023
RzepekKnight1907 Jan 2023
PorucznikPaladin2910 Jan 2023
Kamaz PolakoMaster Sorcerer2923 Jan 2023
FreydisRoyal Paladin2429 Jan 2023
JatojaMaster Sorcerer3129 Jan 2023

Invited Characters
Name Rank
Royal PelikanMember

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