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10 Jan 2023 - An emergency save system has been implemented in order to prevent rollbacks in some scenarios (check the latest news for more information). House auctions and premium time have been extended. Check full changelog...


Operating out of ancient knowledge and the heremetic principles.
The guild was founded on 14 Dec 2022.
It is currently inactive and will be disbanded on 08 Feb 2023 19:50:03 CET.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
The WisestLord AndrogenRoyal Paladin4514 Dec 2022
The GreatestThoth the AtlanteanMaster Sorcerer4414 Dec 2022
Tyrone BiggumsRoyal Paladin5014 Dec 2022
Download ManPaladin5515 Dec 2022
Carl den StoreSorcerer1623 Dec 2022
CzuczekRoyal Paladin8528 Dec 2022
IlluminatorInre StyrkaDruid1514 Dec 2022
Amun-RaPaladin914 Dec 2022
Old HarrisKnight7615 Dec 2022
Bellatrix Le'StrangeSorcerer1021 Jan 2023

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