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in memory of Emjay Kong <3
Allied with Jokers And Smokers & Toxic.
The guild was founded on 23 Sep 2022.
It is currently active.
Their home is Northport Clanhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
OneRobert (King Loth)Elite Knight13024 Sep 2022
BoozyPaladin3023 Sep 2022
Waldorio (King Stefan)Royal Paladin15724 Sep 2022
Mainstream Propaganda Virus (King Sizar)Royal Paladin11424 Sep 2022
Balinho Kong (King Balinho)Master Sorcerer3624 Sep 2022
Lysol Kong (King Lysol)Royal Paladin16124 Sep 2022
Bokysem Kong (King Nick)Master Sorcerer9524 Sep 2022
Miotam PiorunamiMaster Sorcerer5325 Feb 2023
Bailnho KongMaster Sorcerer15908 Mar 2023
Hiatori Kong (King Ste)Master Sorcerer15423 Sep 2022
Banned Kong (King Banana)Master Sorcerer10023 Sep 2022
Knightmare (King James)Royal Paladin11524 Sep 2022
Ferry Kong (King Ferry)Knight2626 Sep 2022
Benim (King Benim)Elder Druid13927 Sep 2022
Supreme Lucifer (King Bealor)Royal Paladin8701 Oct 2022
Taco Kong (King Taco)Elite Knight10201 Oct 2022
Smoke Dog (King Robert)Royal Paladin12901 Nov 2022
Angus Kong (King Mat)Elite Knight14612 Nov 2022
Knval (King Hiram)Master Sorcerer6425 Nov 2022
Sniszhue (King Zakobie)Royal Paladin10312 Dec 2022
Raz (King Gehaktbal)Knight13713 Dec 2022
Xebec Kong (King Tim)Master Sorcerer5925 Dec 2022
Ydo (King Ydo)Royal Paladin12319 Mar 2023
KosiarzElite Knight16523 Mar 2023
ArchewsRoyal Paladin14223 Apr 2023
BedmageLorn AneizzDruid1609 Oct 2022
Lucronuk AstimSorcerer1609 Oct 2022
Shador CatusDruid1409 Oct 2022
Taraelvana MexevsadSorcerer1609 Oct 2022
Truk PhamaSorcerer1609 Oct 2022
Vernon SchillingerMaster Sorcerer1509 Oct 2022
Zaorna AshanDruid1409 Oct 2022
Anna ThunDruid1409 Oct 2022
BalinhoDruid1409 Oct 2022
Balinha KongDruid1409 Oct 2022
DikokaDruid1309 Oct 2022
Kaczka PieczonaDruid1309 Oct 2022
Brendan SchaubDruid1309 Oct 2022
Eddie BravoDruid1309 Oct 2022
Elezer NayladariaDruid1309 Oct 2022
Jordan PetersonDruid1309 Oct 2022
Powerful Elon MuskDruid1309 Oct 2022
Powerful Joe RoganDruid1309 Oct 2022
Powerful Whitney CummingsDruid1009 Oct 2022
BonusbgcSorcerer1612 Oct 2022
BozySorcerer1612 Oct 2022
FletmistrzSorcerer1612 Oct 2022
KluseczkaMaster Sorcerer1612 Oct 2022
KrewSorcerer1612 Oct 2022
RogalddlSorcerer1612 Oct 2022
BbozySorcerer1612 Oct 2022
Lari do'KremuwkcSorcerer1305 Dec 2022

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