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05 Apr 2022 - Guildhall transfers are now available. Make sure that the new owner meets the requirements at the server save, otherwise the guildhall will be lost. Several minor fixes were also applied on the forum. Check full changelog...

European Mafia

~ Pl and Swe and Euro guild but exception can be made
We help our team in times of injustice Tony Montana style.
~Grad Polska
~Hej sverige
~ Deutschland in the House Euro Stars

The guild was founded on 21 May 2022.
It is currently active.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
Don PrinceSchizophrenic (Svensk hus maffi)Master Sorcerer4514 Jun 2022
GovernorsDonald Trumpp (Fallen Angel Stjarna)Sorcerer2621 May 2022
Cleo patra (Queen Napletek)Knight5423 May 2022
Voldemort (Top Boss)Elite Knight3923 May 2022
Kille (Prinsessa)Paladin5327 May 2022
Samara Arena (Deutschland Blitzkrieg)Elder Druid4328 May 2022
Gwalil (Polska Power)Royal Paladin4215 Jun 2022
PsaicoRoyal Paladin4318 Jun 2022
Sudden'Mage (Full Moon)Master Sorcerer3521 Jun 2022
Minuit Druid (Louis Vuiton)Elder Druid5030 Jun 2022
ZolnierskiImperion (Iluminati)Knight4323 May 2022
Beyond Her Eyes (Gov Cia)Knight5423 May 2022
Muammar al-Gaddafi (Puto Slayer)Master Sorcerer3027 May 2022
Druidy (Midnight)Elder Druid2720 Jun 2022
Behepe (Snajper)Knight4002 Jul 2022
CommandosQruby (Lucifer Morning Star)Paladin2821 May 2022
Blues (Cristiano Ronaldo)Paladin2621 May 2022
Elspeth ElliseSorcerer2021 May 2022
Green Arrow (Vladamir Putin Ruski)Paladin2621 May 2022
MacioraSorcerer2108 Jun 2022
Lubie RyzykoSorcerer2010 Jun 2022
Too Fast (Terminator)Sorcerer2516 Jun 2022

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