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We would like to kindly remind you that there are Rules regarding public
chats, e.g.

1. Trade, Help and Game-Chat are restricted to the English language only.
If you wish or need to converse in another language, you are welcome to
do so on the RL-Chat.

2. All the chats should be used as per their purpose. For example,
posting trade offers anywhere but on the Trade channel is not welcome.
The same applies to the Rule Violations channel - please use it only to
report violations, and not to ask general questions.

3. Sharing links to your own twitch or youtube streams is allowed, but
be aware that exercising this right excessively can be considered spam.

Violating the above, or any other, Rules, may result in banishment.
Please, read the Rules on the website carefully, and make sure that
you fully understand them.
09 Jul 2023 - As of the 17th of July our emissary NPC Christopher Tibis will again have to return to his duties in the celestial realm. Be aware that the anniversary tokens will also fade away on that day at the time of the server save. Therefore, if you still haven't exchanged your tokens we suggest doing so as soon as possible. Check full changelog...


No Hands Brosky
The guild was founded on 25 Apr 2022.
It is currently active.
Their home is Sky Lane, Guild 2.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
SkillexOryax (Beneck)Elite Knight14025 Apr 2022
VicexBimmer Nederland (Bongo)Elite Knight15319 Jun 2022
Domi (Mascot)Royal Paladin13309 Sep 2022
Dischord (Gimme Beer)Master Sorcerer4009 Sep 2022
Rom LoosElite Knight7118 Jun 2023
MakerMake RunesElder Druid1811 May 2022
Small'DevilMaster Sorcerer3001 Oct 2022online
JinchurikiElder Druid2801 Oct 2022
Not ActivePowerhorse (Brooklyn Supreme)Elite Knight11025 Apr 2022
Damian MaggSorcerer4001 Feb 2023
Kim Un YestPaladin2407 Feb 2023
PaladinoxSniper MonkeyRoyal Paladin3728 Aug 2023

Invited Characters
Name Rank
XionizRip Brothers
KayRip Brothers
LordRip Brothers

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