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Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits is a neutral & rpg guild

Our member's take comfort that we commit to provide them with the below:

-Respect and fairness.
-Aid in trouble and help of all kinds.
-A loyal group of brothers and sisters.
-Meetings, guild hunts and other fun activities.
-A purpose for your Tibian career.
-Fun, and lots of it.

If you want to join FWB contact any leader/vice-leader.
The guild was founded on 13 Jan 2022.
It is currently active.
Their home is Fibula Clanhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
LeaderAl ChemistMaster Sorcerer3113 Jan 2022
Vice LeaderSmokedheadElite Knight10413 Jan 2022
KokosbollRoyal Paladin3613 Jan 2022
Nvy (Best friend)Master Sorcerer3013 Jan 2022
Miss CelineRoyal Paladin4013 Jan 2022
IncubusRoyal Paladin5528 Jan 2022
MemberMusse MurareElder Druid3013 Jan 2022
SkitsurElite Knight2313 Jan 2022
Awsa (Medic)Elder Druid2013 Jan 2022
TeslanElite Knight4413 Jan 2022
ChipElite Knight3013 Jan 2022
MasvidalKnight2720 Jan 2022
IwanejroPaladin7221 Feb 2022
Stary Kazama (Doctor Green)Druid4916 Mar 2022
CandidateHerr SnusmanPaladin2922 Jan 2022
RaabyMaster Sorcerer6119 Mar 2022
NiszczycielMaster Sorcerer3822 Mar 2022
Fly AwayPaladin5826 Mar 2022
BelmondoElite Knight2431 Mar 2022
TaylorMaster Sorcerer4901 Apr 2022
Mastikmelo (Kilt Hulk)Elite Knight3111 Apr 2022
DeciDruid1608 May 2022
Chaos CactuarSorcerer1418 May 2022
BenefitBrobin WoodPaladin2013 Jan 2022
BrookElder Druid2013 Jan 2022
VackerDruid1213 Jan 2022
Snu snuRoyal Paladin2018 Jan 2022
Mimmi MusSorcerer1517 Feb 2022
Lady PotheadDruid1124 Mar 2022
ScanineSorcerer1031 Mar 2022
ShinlimDruid2725 Apr 2022

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