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Foul Souls

This band of courageous adventurers was formed in the outskirts of Tibia.
They have many tales to tell about their adventures.
Why don't you stop by their pub in central Thais and enjoy a beer served by the former king of The Foul Souls.
How did the King become a barman, you ask.
Well don't ask me, ask the barman in the Warrors guildhall!
//Your humble narrator
The guild was founded on 03 Dec 2021.
It is currently active.
Their home is Warriors Guildhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
KingWingthor (Ace of club)Master Sorcerer7403 Dec 2021
NobilityAngus Drak (Bartender)Elite Knight11903 Dec 2021
Flow (Consigliere)Master Sorcerer7603 Dec 2021
Gandalf the grey pilgrim (Key Master)Sorcerer4703 Dec 2021
Asb'el (Head of Intelligence)Master Sorcerer8507 Dec 2021
Sinnanator (The Hydra)Elite Knight8908 Dec 2021
Aeikz (John Holmes)Master Sorcerer5608 Dec 2021online
TownsmanSatern (The Hydra)Elder Druid3803 Dec 2021
Respawn (The Hydra)Royal Paladin5409 Dec 2021
Kill Master (Master of Coin)Master Sorcerer4225 Jan 2022
Foul SoulThe Foul Soul (Foul Soul)Sorcerer1205 Mar 2022

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