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05 Apr 2022 - Guildhall transfers are now available. Make sure that the new owner meets the requirements at the server save, otherwise the guildhall will be lost. Several minor fixes were also applied on the forum. Check full changelog...

Orc Lives Matter

Every neutral/rpg player is welcome.
There's no minimum lvl.
The only requirement is being active :)
The guild was founded on 11 Dec 2020.
It is currently active.
Their home is Darashia, Western Guildhall.

Rank Name (title) Vocation Level Joining date Status
LeaderArtist the MageMaster Sorcerer3411 Jun 2022
Vice LeaderCigaElite Knight3504 Oct 2021
Bobross (Sega)Master Sorcerer3610 May 2022
NaszuranyRoyal Paladin7110 May 2022
GanjaElite Knight4715 Jun 2022
Decard'CainMaster Sorcerer3615 Jun 2022
MemberStrike MosRoyal Paladin10108 May 2021
Ojcze PioKnight3304 Oct 2021
TroocekKnight4218 Oct 2021
Kina'PankadaElite Knight3309 Nov 2021
RadonKnight3009 Nov 2021
HirotoMaster Sorcerer3323 Dec 2021
Ubba Viking (Sportowiec Blantowiec)Knight4829 Jan 2022
AdenozynotrifosforanSorcerer2929 Jan 2022
Tade SashanSorcerer2720 Feb 2022
TrauguttDruid4229 Mar 2022
MisigoKnight5114 May 2022
SefaKnight3129 May 2022

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