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24.01.2023 03:32:12

Hand of Blood

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Profession: Elite Knight
Residence: Venore

Mittens of the Bolts and Cats

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Re: Buying couple of endgame items as well as UHs

Hello everyone,

Here is a list of items I would like to buy.
Please, if you want to sell it to me, tell me your price (the last one you would not negotiate on).
This will save us a lot of time of discussing haha :)

BOUGHT Dragon Scale Mail / Golden Armor
Amulet of Loss
Magic Plate Armor (if the offer is a good one)
Sword of Valor (if the offer is a good one)
Golden Legs / prefer Crown Legs
BOUGHT Royal Helmet
Sword Rings
UHs Preferably bulk (PM in case of need at the moment)
HMMs Preferably bulk (PM in case of need at the moment)

looking forward to your offers. PM me Ingame or on Discord: Voltage#8688

I would prefer Discord (it's logged and I'm available when I'm not ingame)

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