Character Information
Character Information
Name:Walter White
Vocation:royal paladin
Guild Membership:Vice Leader of the The Cult
Last Login:23 Jun 2021 6:30:32 CEST
Comment:Say my name.
Account Status:Premium Account

Character Deaths
21 Apr 2020 21:38:54 CESTDied at Level 19 by a dwarf guard.
18 Apr 2020 0:12:14 CESTDied at Level 5 by a rotworm.

Walter White 85 Tibiantis
Mike Ehrmantraut 27 Tibiantis
Gene Takavic 8 Tibiantis
Gus Fring 8 Tibiantis
Hector Salamanca 20 Tibiantis
Tuco Salamanca 8 Tibiantis
Lalo Salamanca 8 Tibiantis
Skinny Pete 8 Tibiantis

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