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22 Sep 2022 - A few minor bugs fixed in the client: cams save properly now upon exit; server messages at the beginning of a cam are now omitted and do not prevent the playback - works with old cams as well. Moreover, the CPU of the CamPlayer has been optimised. In case of any issues with the auto-updater, please download the new version of the client directly from our website.

Furthermore, a few minor improvements were also implemented in the forum: new icons, consistent marking of read and new/unread posts/topics (requires login); saving the content during post writing/editing in case the user is unexpectedly logged out or the browser tab is closed (content saved via auto-save to the browser's local storage); a preview of the text is now available when writing/editing a post. Check full changelog...
Who is Online

Here you can view the list of all the characters who are online at the moment. The list is refreshed once every 5 minutes. Currently 50 players are online. The greatest number ever was 438 players on 17 Feb 2022 21:00:30 CET.

Toady Elite Knight 190
Typon Druak Knight 159
Lawina Royal Paladin 129
Muradin Elite Knight 119
Matado de Genti Elite Knight 74
Space Girl Elite Knight 64
Sir Bryaan Elite Knight 51
Behepe Elite Knight 50
Tobias Warrior Knight 42
Shay Elder Druid 41
Benchpresser Master Sorcerer 39
Crack Karlsson Master Sorcerer 39
Michhon Master Sorcerer 34
Slipknot Paladin 34
Jagna Master Sorcerer 33
Kablack Krower Master Sorcerer 29
Krakent Elder Druid 27
Sorsel Elder Druid 24
Aranza Master Sorcerer 23
Mich Twin Master Sorcerer 23
Pepsi Cola Sorcerer 23
Royal'Bellator Paladin 22
El guazon Druid 21
Fail Shot Elder Druid 20
Hecate Master Sorcerer 20
Makolakother Knight 20
Omicron Knight 20
Chermy Paladin 19
Lewandowski Elder Druid 19
Mammon Master Sorcerer 19
Viper Eyes Elder Druid 19
Epona Sorcerer 18
Forceman Elder Druid 18
Vhagar Elder Druid 18
Unbreakable Knight 17
Max Formido Sorcerer 16
The Druid'Son Elder Druid 16
Basil Knight 15
Chufflin Sorcerer 14
Soa Sorcerer 13
Zielinski Druid 13
Dieguin Knight 12
Estefani Elder Druid 12
Wizardius Sorcerer 12
Haylon'Mike Sorcerer 11
Marc Spector Druid 11
Agneta Sorcerer 10
Jigglypuff Druid 10
Mqueen Druid 10
Pallas Knight 8

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