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08.05.2022 12:50:51


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Re: Add board listing all new unread posts

Add board listing all new unread posts (this feature is on torg under "Co nowego?")

It would make using forum way more convenient as you could immediately see threads with new posts that you haven't read yet (instead of looking at dates of each one of threads and trying to remind yourself when were you on forum last time).
Also even if there is new post since your last visit, you don't know if there aren't other threads that got new posts in the same board, so first you need to click board name and then check dates to be sure u didn't miss anything and you have to do that for every board that might have gotten updated since your last visit (otherwise u might miss something, just like this thread got buried by some post in other thread under Proposals board ;)

The best option would be if it worked for both logged in and not logged in users, since you get logged out everytime u close browser (and you can't just log in from forum, but you have to go to main page, log in and then go back to forum for some reason).
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16.05.2022 12:59:05


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Re: Add board listing all new unread posts

Trust me, this solution is not worth the work or time. If you got latest post date and time, why would you need additional tab?

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