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04.04.2022 23:43:30


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Re: The 2nd Anniversary

Dear Players,

it was 2 years ago when the vortex finally sent the first souls to enter Tibiantis and join the battle for creation. Lucy Diamondsky being the first one to set foot in the temple at 23:43:30 April 4 2020, with hundreds of hundreds to follow. Two years of Earth time is a long time, but even longer in the world of Tibiantis - exactly 104 years and 2 cycles. A lot of stories and legends have been written during that time. The war has taken 65153 lives of humans and countless of other kinds, as the inhabitants of Tibiantis persist in their efforts to turn the scales of justice in the right direction, having gained over 8 billions of experience points. So do the gods, as already 3578 corrupted souls have been condemned to the eternal exile.

Though a lot has happened, we still take it as the beginning. And we would like to take this opportunity to share our view on the first two years as well as the plans for the years to follow. We would also appreciate hearing your voice. April will be the month of anniversary celebrations, for which we have prepared several events and surprises for you. They will be revealed one by one in the upcoming days. Let us start off with the contest in which you can win unique rune-keychains, premium for you and your brothers in arms, and even... guided tour in the celestial area!

Have a drink at Frodo's for the good old days and the good days to come! Read more about the anniversary celebrations here and stay tuned for the next announcement - new surprise to be revealed soon!

Your Tibiantis Online Team

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