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05 Apr 2022 - Guildhall transfers are now available. Make sure that the new owner meets the requirements at the server save, otherwise the guildhall will be lost. Several minor fixes were also applied on the forum. Check full changelog...


13.02.2022 13:00:41


Level: 159
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Residence: Darashia
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Re: Highscores.

Highscores are updated during server save.
Seems like something is bugged i did 131 yesterday and im still 130 in highscores but but when I check myself in the "Characters" im 131 :D


17.02.2022 09:09:56

Miss Celine

Level: 40
Profession: Royal Paladin
Residence: Thais
Vice Leader of the Friends With Benefits
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Re: Highscores.

Would it be better if you could atleast see top 300? with pages? 100/page?

Miss C

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