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26.02.2023 15:17:50

Command De'Soul

Level: 10
Profession: Sorcerer
Residence: Edron
Posts: 1

Re: Buy spells in Edron

Depends on   I should have option to buy Light (utevo lux) by Gundralph, but I can't - maybe in 7.4 it was impossible but I think, you should add this option. When someone start in Edron, do not have money to ship to other city, to buy this spell.


09.03.2023 10:48:17


Level: 19
Profession: Master Sorcerer
Residence: Venore

Cassino King of the Daramaniacs

Posts: 7

Re: Buy spells in Edron

to fully experience the taste of the game, you need to start playing in thais and gather your first 1k killing rats


09.03.2023 20:00:53


Level: 8
Profession: Paladin
Residence: Thais
Posts: 50

Re: Buy spells in Edron

Rashid  wrote:

to fully experience the taste of the game, you need to

1. go dwarf bridge
2. watch destiny unfold

ask not what tibiantis can do for you
ask what you can do for tibiantis

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