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24.12.2022 17:25:02


Level: 25
Profession: Elder Druid
Residence: Ab'Dendriel
Posts: 118

Re: Merry Christmas

Ho ho ho!

Warmest wishes to all of you! Rare loots, lagless hunting, no death from kicks, but most of all - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It's the third time that Santa Claus left his house on Vega to bestow presents on the good inhabitants of Tibiantis. Hopefully you did not PK, lure, or power abuse too much this year, and he will have one for you too. :) Those who did not have the chance to meet him yet, we'd like to inform that you can find him in every city, mostly in taverns. But before you venture out to seek out Santa, do not forget to put up a Christmas tree in your house!

It's been a week since the long-awaited update was released. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts - we appreciate all your comments and feedback, though remember that a large part of the content is yet to be discovered! It gives us great pleasure to see you explore all that we prepared for you with such great effort, and we will continue to cheer you on as you unfold the mysteries of Ankrahmun.

We wish you successful searches, and again - Merry Christmas!

Your Tibiantis Online Team


24.12.2022 17:50:23

Old Mureco

Level: 97
Profession: Elite Knight
Residence: Venore
Posts: 1

Re: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the whole tibiantis team, 2023 with much more success and dedication, thank you for giving us back a little bit of the taste of childhood.

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