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22 Sep 2022 - A few minor bugs fixed in the client: cams save properly now upon exit; server messages at the beginning of a cam are now omitted and do not prevent the playback - works with old cams as well. Moreover, the CPU of the CamPlayer has been optimised. In case of any issues with the auto-updater, please download the new version of the client directly from our website.

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12.11.2022 00:02:56


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Re: Pig problem

Hello. I ordered 2 pigs for my char, both to ab, one came after few seconds but the second one dont arrive. Maybe problem is with my dp, was full when i ordered it, please try to fix it and send me the second one :)


21.11.2022 02:54:58


Level: 25
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Re: Pig problem

It happens when you don't have free slots in your depot and you are standing next to it (so that the depot is loaded). It applies to parcels in general - they cannot be delivered in such case. So remember to clean your depot, or simply stay away from it, while ordering a pig. :) Otherwise, it will still be delivered but with a delay.
Mind that this is about slots in the container, NOT the number of items your depot is holding.
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