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17.09.2022 16:31:25


Level: 12
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Residence: Rookgaard
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Re: Add "None" vocation to Highscores (for Rookstayers)

Add "None" vocation to Highscores (for rookstayers)
Before main website update Rookstayers ranking on was good enough, but now it doesn't work properly.

Ofc I know it is a fansite and administration has nothing to do with it, that's why I suggest to make working ranking for Rookstayers here.


17.09.2022 16:33:29


Level: 22
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Residence: Rookgaard
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Re: Add "None" vocation to Highscores (for Rookstayers)

I second this :D


19.09.2022 23:18:35


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Residence: Edron
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Re: Add "None" vocation to Highscores (for Rookstayers)

Would like to see some love being sent towards our rookgaardians.
+1 on this one


20.09.2022 12:07:17


Level: 25
Profession: Elder Druid
Residence: Ab'Dendriel
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Re: Add "None" vocation to Highscores (for Rookstayers)

We have extended the highscores in the api for with the top 100 rookstayers (by experience, only characters with >= 9 level and rook residence). So it should be back to work properly there. We may expand the highscores on the official website too, but currently there are more important things to look after.
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