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19.08.2022 04:03:45


Level: 17
Profession: Druid
Residence: Venore
Posts: 1

Re: Disappearing loot and bodies

Just wanted to Play again but my loot and items dissapeared from the ground on hellgate at time 23:00. Bodies from monsters Vanish also so quick. Lost nostalgia little bit and x-logged. Wondering how much people xlogged Like me by that.
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29.08.2022 02:19:23


Level: 25
Profession: Elder Druid
Residence: Ab'Dendriel
Posts: 171

Re: Disappearing loot and bodies

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but while we are on nostalgia - this is the original floor-refresh system. Exactly as it was back in the days. Some tiles are marked as refreshable, some tiles are not. Those that are refreshable - they are refreshed several times during the day if there are no players nearby, plus every server save. Those that aren't refreshable though - they are not refreshed at all, not even during the server save, allowing you to store your loot for days or even weeks. Unless someone else finds it, of course :) or unless a big map update occurs.
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