Tibiantis provides a referral system for those who recommned the game to their friends. After logging on the site, in "My Account" section, You can find Your individual referral link, which You can share with others to register on Tibiantis.

For every player that has registered via Your referral link, You may gain ref-points, which can be later changed for premium days, with the following rules:

- when he buys premium - You will receive 2 ref-points (only once)
- when he achieves 20, 30, 40 and 50 level on any of his characters - You will receive 1 ref-point for each stage
- when he achieves level 60, and every 10 levels next - You will receive 2 ref-points for each stage

For example: if two players had registered via Your link, and one of them reached 60 level and bought premium atleast once, and the other reached 20 level on two characters, You will receive 10 ref-points. For player A: 2 for premium; 4 for 20, 30, 40 and 50 level; 2 for 60 level. For player B: 1 point for each character of level 20.

Ref-points can be changed for premium days with the rule: 1 point -> 2 premium days. You can choose how many points You'd want to change at a time, but with a minimum of 7 points (14 premium days).

Ref-points are provided during Server Save time.
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