Tibiantis Project
Tibiantis Online is a game created by enthusiasts of oldschool online games, out of pure nostalgia, to take you (and us) back to 2004. To the days when satisfaction about leveling up was overwhelming and death was so painful that your desk could never lack a glass of lemon juice to sober up... To the times when danger was lurking around every corner and even the ordinary journey from town to town could be a beginning of a memorable adventure or a cause of heart palpitations.

It is an RPG in the proper sense of these words. Where RPG means playing roles and constant interaction between players: creating guilds, establishing friendships, taking part in coflicts, forming alliances, and so on. But most of all - waiting adventures and constant struggle to find ourselves in a brutal world, where every deed may have grave consequences. It is a serious game, as serious as it'd felt back in the days.

Tibiantis is characterized by recreating oldschool mechanics, but also by applying well-thought tweaks in order to evoke feelings even closer to what we all once felt...
Therefore it brings back many long-forgotten features, such as overspawn or old creatures AI, but in the same time guarantees there will always be something new to explore. All done with the "oldschool soul".

Tibiantis is not only long months of work but also stability and accuracy that have been proven during our open test server and tried by many players.

Tibiantis also ensures very strict anti-cheating policy. No mercy awaits the outlaws, but eternal exile. That means deletion of all accounts that belong to, or were played by, the offender (not only the one that he cheated on). It is allowed to have only ONE character online at a time and there are no exceptions for the rule. We, as the administration, are not interested in rising online numbers with zombie-characters, but creating an active community of oldschool lovers.

Rates are following:
- Exp x1
- Magic level x1
- Skills x1
- Loot x1
- Regeneration x1 (7.4)

Tibiantis aims at longevity and seriousness which can only be achieved with low rates.

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