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09 Jul 2023 - As of the 17th of July our emissary NPC Christopher Tibis will again have to return to his duties in the celestial realm. Be aware that the anniversary tokens will also fade away on that day at the time of the server save. Therefore, if you still haven't exchanged your tokens we suggest doing so as soon as possible. Check full changelog...
Dear Players,

since the number of bans for cheating has been breaking records lately (with more than 300 only this month), we would like to remind everyone that there's only one acceptable level of cheating in Tibiantis - which is none. There are no exceptions or excuses for cheating. Neither "I just wanted to see if the bot works" nor "I only caught a few fish on macro" will ever be considered a mitigating circumstance. There's also only one adequate consequence - ban on all accounts.

Regrettably, some players intentionally act against our Terms of Use by sharing accounts, so it's also important to repeat what is meant by "ban on all accounts". We do not approve of account sharing or trading anywise, and we are not willing to settle any resulting disputes. Therefore, if an account is identified as being used for cheating, each user of this account will be treated the same - as a cheater. This means that all other accounts used by each of them will also be considered and treated as cheaters' accounts and, thus, be banned.

That being said, we strongly advise against account sharing and trading. Anyone who consciously decides to ignore this should be aware that by doing so they accept the responsibility for each account that they use and for everything that happens on any of those accounts. If a player whose account was banned were to file an appeal because they, themselves, did not cheat, they should first recall if they ever let a cheater use their account or if they used an account on which someone else cheated. If the answer is affirmative, then appealing against that ban is pointless. Regardless of character level or other circumstances, we cannot turn a blind eye or make exceptions - it would not be fair to other players.

All of this is no news to anyone who's been on Tibiantis long enough, for we've been enforcing this policy since day one. Tibiantis is a server that fights, with commitment and severity, against cheating. Some players might dislike such a rigid policy and consider it too harsh, but this is the only way to ensure fair play for everyone. The past three years have only convinced us that this road we took is the right one. This rigid policy is one of the reasons that Tibiantis has been able to hold out against the scourge of cheating. If this policy drives someone to decide that playing here is not worth it, then so be it. We are certain that they will easily find another server with a more permissive approach to cheating. But we've already seen too many examples of what such a lenient approach can lead to, thus our opinion on cheating will never change.

Your Tibiantis Online Team

Kay, 28 Nov 2023 20:30:05 CET Comment (5)

Dear Players,

unlike with cheating, we haven't been particularly firm regarding the nicknames. Appreciating the players' ingenuity and their sense of humour, we took action only in extreme cases. However, the creativity of some of the players led us to realize that ingenuity can also take some wrong turns, which is why we recently decided to re-evaluate our policy. For starters, we've applied more than 400 namelocks, mostly on nicknames that were offensive, vulgar, inappropriate, and/or included sexual innuendos or hidden propaganda. We hope that this should cool some people's creative fire.

Namelock is supposed to be an inconvenience that should help people make more reasonable choices regarding character naming, which should not violate the rules. But since it would require free and unlimited name changes, some players might even welcome it. This, in turn, could lead to a quite opposite result, i.e. more players might choose inappropriate nicknames in order to be able to change them later. To avoid such a negative effect, we deployed a new tool and procedure - some namelocks (depending on the severity of inappropriateness) will only allow the player to select the new name from our name generator. The tool will also be available for use (optionally, of course) when creating a new character, which we hope will be of help to those whose creativity is not so active in this particular area.

Your Tibiantis Online Team

Kay, 15 May 2023 19:01:01 CEST Comment (2)

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