Houses can be bought by on auctions. Each auction lasts for 5 days and players can overbid other players. Free players can buy houses up to 20 square meters and 1 bed, and only in free towns. Premium players can buy all houses. Guildhouses can be bought only by guilds.
When you place a bid, you should put the maximum amount you're willing to pay. System will then remember your maximum, but set the bid as low as possible, which is the previous highest maximum plus 1 gp. E.g. if there are no bids yet, and you put 20000gp, your maximum will be 20000, but the bid only 1 gp. So if nobody else bids that house till the end of its auction, you will only pay 1 gp. However, if someone tries to overbid, he will have to bid more than 20000 in order to win the auction. If you have already placed your maximum and are currently winning the auction - do NOT bid again! As you would overbid yourself and therefore raise the price. After you have won the auction, on the next Server Save you need to have amount of money equal final price + rent in your depot of corresponding town. Otherwise you will lose the house and be excluded from further auctions. Rent is paid monthly (30 days). System will notify you with letters when rent is payable (except for the first rent, which has to be paid together with the price on first SS).

1.SpiritkeepThis guildhall has twenty-three beds.19210378Rented
2.Snake TowerThis guildhall has twenty-one beds.29720616Rented
3.Halls of the AdventurersThis guildhall has eighteen beds.15380304Rented
4.Dark MansionThis guildhall has seventeen beds.17845361Rented
5.BloodhallThis guildhall has sixteen beds.15270306Rented
6.Southern Thais GuildhallThis guildhall has sixteen beds.22260346Rented
7.Mercenary TowerThis guildhall has twenty-six beds.41955607Rented
8.Guildhall of the Red RoseThis guildhall has fifteen beds.27725405Rented
9.Fibula ClanhallThis clanhall has ten beds.11430162Rented
10.The TibianicThis guildhall has twenty-two beds.26460406Rented
11.Castle of GreenshoreThis guildhall has twelve beds.18740294Rented
12.Greenshore ClanhallThis Clanhall has ten beds.10800165Rented
13.Thais ClanhallThis clanhall has ten beds8420188Rented
14.Warriors GuildhallThis guildhall has eleven beds.14725305Rented
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