Houses can be bought by on auctions. Each auction lasts for 5 days and players can overbid other players. Free players can buy houses up to 20 square meters and 1 bed, and only in free towns. Premium players can buy all houses. Guildhouses can be bought only by guilds.
When you place a bid, you should put the maximum amount you're willing to pay. System will then remember your maximum, but set the bid as low as possible, which is the previous highest maximum plus 1 gp. E.g. if there are no bids yet, and you put 20000gp, your maximum will be 20000, but the bid only 1 gp. So if nobody else bids that house till the end of its auction, you will only pay 1 gp. However, if someone tries to overbid, he will have to bid more than 20000 in order to win the auction. If you have already placed your maximum and are currently winning the auction - do NOT bid again! As you would overbid yourself and therefore raise the price. After you have won the auction, on the next Server Save you need to have amount of money equal final price + rent in your depot of corresponding town. Otherwise you will lose the house and be excluded from further auctions. Rent is paid monthly (30 days). System will notify you with letters when rent is payable (except for the first rent, which has to be paid together with the price on first SS).

1.Druids Retreat AThis house has two beds.134031Auctioned
2.Druids Retreat BThis house has two beds.126029Rented
3.Druids Retreat CThis house has two beds.98022Auctioned
4.Druids Retreat DThis house has two beds.118027Auctioned
5.Central Plaza 3This shop has no beds.60012Auctioned (no bids yet)
6.Central Plaza 2This shop has no beds.60012Auctioned (no bids yet)
7.Central Plaza 1This shop has no beds.60012Auctioned (no bids yet)
8.Park Lane 1aThis house has two beds.122028Auctioned (no bids yet)
9.Park Lane 1bThis house has two beds.138032Rented
10.Park Lane 3bThis house has two beds.110025Rented
11.Park Lane 3aThis house has two beds.122028Rented
12.Park Lane 4This house has two beds.98022Rented
13.Park Lane 2This house has two beds.98022Rented
14.Theater Avenue 6aThis house has two beds.82016Rented
15.Theater Avenue 6bThis house has two beds.82016Rented
16.Theater Avenue 6cThis house has one bed.2255Rented
17.Theater Avenue 6dThis house has one bed.2255Rented
18.Theater Avenue 6eThis house has two beds.82016Rented
19.Theater Avenue 6fThis house has two beds.82016Rented
20.Theater Avenue 5aThis house has one bed.45010Rented
21.Theater Avenue 5bThis house has one bed.45010Rented
22.Theater Avenue 5cThis house has one bed.45010Auctioned
23.Theater Avenue 5dThis house has one bed.45010Rented
24.Theater Avenue 8aThis house has two beds.127026Rented
25.Theater Avenue 8bThis house has three beds.137026Rented
26.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 01This house has one bed.3157Rented
27.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 02This house has one bed.4059Rented
28.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 03This house has one bed.4059Rented
29.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 04This house has one bed.49511Rented
30.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 05This house has one bed.4059Rented
31.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 06This house has one bed.3157Rented
32.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 11This house has one bed.49511Rented
33.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 12This house has one bed.4059Rented
34.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 13This house has one bed.4059Rented
35.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 14This house has one bed.49511Rented
36.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 15This house has one bed.4059Rented
37.Theater Avenue 7, Flat 16This house has one bed.4059Rented
38.Theater Avenue 10This house has two beds.109022Rented
39.Theater Avenue 12This house has two beds.95519Rented
40.Theater Avenue 14 (Shop)This shop has one bed.211547Auctioned (no bids yet)
41.Theater Avenue 11aThis house has two beds.140529Rented
42.Theater Avenue 11bThis house has one bed.58513Rented
43.Theater Avenue 11cThis house has one bed.58513Rented
44.Magician's Alley 1This house has two beds.105019Rented
45.Magician's Alley 1aThis house has two beds.70012Rented
46.Magician's Alley 1bThis house has two beds.75013Rented
47.Magician's Alley 1cThis house has one bed.50010Rented
48.Magician's Alley 1dThis house has one bed.4509Rented
49.Magician's Alley 5aThis house has one bed.3507Rented
50.Magician's Alley 5bThis house has one bed.50010Rented
51.Magician's Alley 5cThis house has two beds.115021Rented
52.Magician's Alley 5dThis house has one bed.50010Rented
53.Magician's Alley 5eThis house has one bed.50010Rented
54.Magician's Alley 5fThis house has two beds.115021Rented
55.Magician's Alley 4This house has four beds.275049Rented
56.Magician's Alley 8This house has two beds.140026Rented
57.Northern Street 1aThis house has two beds.94021Rented
58.Northern Street 1bThis house has two beds.94021Rented
59.Northern Street 1cThis house has two beds.74016Rented
60.Northern Street 3aThis house has two beds.74016Rented
61.Northern Street 3bThis house has two beds.78017Rented
62.Northern Street 5This house has two beds.198047Rented
63.Northern Street 7This house has two beds.170040Rented
64.Harbour Lane 1 (Shop)This shop has no beds.104026Rented
65.Harbour Lane 3This house has three beds.356084Rented
66.Harbour Lane 2a (Shop)This shop has no beds.68017Rented
67.Harbour Lane 2b (Shop)This shop has no beds.68017Auctioned
68.Harbour Flats, Flat 11This house has one bed.52013Rented
69.Harbour Flats, Flat 12This house has one bed.40010Rented
70.Harbour Flats, Flat 13This house has one bed.52013Rented
71.Harbour Flats, Flat 14This house has one bed.40010Rented
72.Harbour Flats, Flat 15This house has one bed.3609Rented
73.Harbour Flats, Flat 16This house has one bed.40010Rented
74.Harbour Flats, Flat 17This house has one bed.3609Rented
75.Harbour Flats, Flat 18This house has one bed.40010Rented
76.Harbour Flats, Flat 21This house has two beds.86019Rented
77.Harbour Flats, Flat 22This house has two beds.98022Rented
78.Harbour Flats, Flat 23This house has one bed.40010Rented
79.East Lane 1aThis house has two beds.226054Rented
80.East Lane 1bThis house has two beds.170040Rented
81.East Lane 2This house has two beds.4580112Rented
82.Lonely Sea Side HostelThis hostel has eight beds.12180287Rented
83.Northport Village 1This house has two beds.147525Auctioned (no bids yet)
84.Northport Village 2This house has two beds.147525Rented
85.Northport Village 3This house has two beds.543597Rented
86.Northport Village 4This house has two beds.263046Auctioned
87.Northport Village 5This house has two beds.180531Rented
88.Northport Village 6This house has two beds.213537Auctioned (no bids yet)
89.Senja Village 1aThis house has one bed.76517Rented
90.Senja Village 1bThis house has two beds.163034Rented
91.Senja Village 2This house has one bed.76517Rented
92.Senja Village 3This house has two beds.176537Auctioned (no bids yet)
93.Senja Village 4This house has one bed.76517Rented
94.Senja Village 5This house has two beds.122525Rented
95.Senja Village 6aThis house has one bed.76517Rented
96.Senja Village 6bThis house has one bed.76517Rented
97.Senja Village 7This house has two beds.86517Rented
98.Senja Village 8This house has two beds.167535Rented
99.Senja Village 9This house has two beds.257555Rented
100.Senja Village 10This house has one bed.148533Rented
101.Senja Village 11This house has two beds.262056Rented
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