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Yet again Tibiantis has lately been targeted by people who attempt
to impersonate the administrators to send out hacklinks.
We would like to, therefore, remind and warn you that
we will NEVER ask you in private messages to follow any link
for any reason. Such messages are fake and intended to hack
your accounts. Do NOT follow any links sent to you in private messages.
Please be careful!
06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 - A few bugs in the forum software have been fixed: the bug that caused the posts to be longer than they really were, the one that allowed to post in a closed topic, the one that occurred when generating anchor links to some posts. Also, pinned subjects aren't missing pagination any more. Furthermore, it's not possible any more to pass guild leadership when the guildhouse is being sold. Note that disbanding a guild and then founding a new one causes you to lose the guildhouse. Check full changelog...
Character Information
Vocation:Master Sorcerer
House:Magic Academy, Shop
Guild Membership:Maledictis of the Jokers And Smokers
Last Login:10 Aug 2022 05:55:28 CEST
Comment:Cuando tengas ganas de morirte
esconde la cabeza bajo la almohada
y cuenta cuatro mil borregos.
Quedate dos dias sin comer
y veras que hermosa es la vida
Cuando tengas ganas de morirte
no alborotes tanto: muerete y ya.
Account Status:Premium Account

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