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09 Jul 2023 - As of the 17th of July our emissary NPC Christopher Tibis will again have to return to his duties in the celestial realm. Be aware that the anniversary tokens will also fade away on that day at the time of the server save. Therefore, if you still haven't exchanged your tokens we suggest doing so as soon as possible. Check full changelog...
Character Information
Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Last Login:07 Dec 2023 00:15:49 CET
Account Status:Premium Account

Latest Deaths
23 Nov 2023 20:38:04 CETKilled at Level 14 by Zemasta'uhmekera.
20 Nov 2023 22:03:23 CETKilled at Level 14 by Tyra.
20 Nov 2023 21:53:20 CETKilled at Level 14 by Skyline.
20 Nov 2023 21:36:53 CETKilled at Level 15 by Sauron maker and Klopsior.
20 Nov 2023 01:51:04 CETKilled at Level 15 by Avenger.

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