1) Rates

Q: What are the rates of Tibiantis?
A: Rates are following:
- Experience x1
- Magic level x1
- Regeneration x1 (7.4)
- Skills x1
- Loot x1
- Respawn time is slightly faster than original 7.4 (see "Custom Changes" for more detailed info)

Q: What is the unjustified system on Tibiantis?
A: When you kill a character that was not marked with a skull, you will get an "unjustified" murder warning. 3 warnings within 24 hours, or 5 warnings within 7 days, or 10 warnings within 30 days will result in a red-skull. Red-skull lasts for 30 days. Doubling one of those numbers will result in automatic banishment for one week.

2) Custom Changes

Q: Are there any custom changes on Tibiantis?
A: Yes, there is some custom content to be discovered, as well as a few other changes. That includes changes in armors, druids' spells, and quests - in order to balance the game better, and give feelings closer to what it used to give back in the days.

Q: Will there be any further updates?
A: Yes, we will update the game, providing more interesting content, to ensure there's always something to discover in Tibiantis land. All done with the oldschool feeling though, to fit the game as it was, not to completly change it.

Q: Where can I read all details about custom changes?
A: We suggest joining our Discord Server in which you can find channel titled "custom changes" where most of them are listed. You may also want to check our fansites or ask around in game-chat or help, where our tutors are willing to answer your questions. Or just leave it for yourself to discover. :)

3) Client

Q: Is there WASD walking available?
A: Yes, if you want to turn it on, click the small '+' button right above fight stances.

Q: Is there a built-in cam recorder?
A: Yes, and it is always recording automatically. Cams are saved in your /Tibiantis/cam/ directory. In order to watch them, click the small '+' button above fight stances, and check "Show CAM player". Then log out of the game, press "Play .cam" button in the top left corner, and enter the game leaving passwords fields empty. List of your recordings will show up.

Q: Can I play Tibiantis on Linux or Mac?
A: There is no Linux or Mac Client, however you can still successfuly play Tibiantis on those systems by using Wine.

4) Premium

Q: How do I activate premium?
A: You can do that in two ways. First, if you have bought premium yourself and have available premium token on your account - you can activate it on the page, receiving 33 premium days. Second, you can give premium piggy bank to one of postal NPCs. In that case you need to wait up to 2 minutes and then relog.

Q: I have ordered premium piggy banks to my depot, but did not get them. What do I do now?
A: In that case please contat administration. Piggy banks are normally delivered within few minutes at most. If you did not receive yours, do not wait longer but contact us.

5) Rules

Q: I am playing with brother on the same IP, will we get banned for multi-client?
A: No, sharing IP is not illegal. It alone does not imply multi-client (neither does different IP prove it's not multi-client). As long as each of you are playing only one character at a time - you don't break the rules.

Q: I use GPN and/or VPN services, will I get banned?
A: No, using such services is not illegal and sometimes even recommended, e.g. when you live far from the host and your connection route is not optimal. Using a GPN or VPN alone will not lead to banishment, however you cannot use it in order to play more than one character at a time. As long as you are playing only one character - you don't break the rules.

Q: Is re-mapping hotkeys via keyboard/mouse software illegal?
A: In general it is allowed to use keyboard/mouse software, but you're limited to functions that do not automate your moves. Therefore you are free to re-map your keys, but cannot use such software in order to create macros etc.

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