Dear Players, due to technical issues we have to postpone the release of the new website for the next weekend. We are very sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience. Please bear in mind that the new website is not only a new layout, but a lot of other things behind the scenes. Most of all completly new server infrastructure, hosting and the database. Therefore we need to make sure everything goes safely and cannot take the risk with the issue we have encountered today.
As a side note, please be advised that on January 24 from 22:00 to midnight CET there may be interruptions in the operation of the current website due to the maintenance of our hosting company. This should not affect game server at all.
Lord, 22 Jan 2022 9:09:43 CET Comment (3)
Ho ho ho! Have you been a good child this year?

Santa Claus once again has left his cozy house in Vega to bestow presents on Tibiantis inhabitants! Of course only on those who did not PK, lure, steal and power abuse too much this year... ;)
Pay him a visit and see what he's got for you! And do not forget to put a Christmas tree in your house! What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree?

Christmas is a special time when miracles sometimes happen. During this time, we bring you warm wishes but also a big news!
We would like to announce that on Saturday January 22nd new website will finally be released! It's been a long way, since it was made completly from scratch, both its appearance and the whole magic behind the scenes. New website will bring a lot of new functionalities, of which we will tell more soon, as well as crucial bugfixes, much nicer look, more user-friendly front and much more interesting content to browse.

Game server and the website will be offline for several hours after server save (09:00 CET) that day (22nd January), in order to allow us to safely migrate to a new host and new database.

Because of these changes, we will also put following limitations on the current website:
- since server save on 16th January until the new website is released, starting new house auctions will be disabled (already active auctions will finish as planned)
- since server save on 20th January until the new website is released, transfering houses, selling houses, leaving houses and changing guild leadership will be disabled

The new website will also use a new forum, we have put alot of effort to make it more approachable than the old one. However, there is also a downside, which is that the old forum content will be wiped out. If for whatever reason you would like to save your thread and move it to the new one, let us know!

Lastly, we have decided to change the requirements for guilds leadership and renting houses. Since 22nd January, only PACC players will be allowed to rent houses. It is related to the situation in the estate market that we have been observing for some time. The purpose of FACC houses was to allow newcommers, who have not decided to buy premium yet, to rent affordable flats and as a side effect to populate housing estates that could normally stand deserted. But with almost all of those flats being rented now, this is no longer the case.
Morever, after the new website is released, leaders and vice-leaders of active guilds will be required to be of atleast 30 level, instead of 20 as currently.

As Tibiantis Team, we wish you a merry Christmas, good health in these rough times, and of course lagless time on Tibiantis land!
Dear Players,

Due to the recent changes over 40 houses were freed and now can be rented again. Along with this, 16 new houses are available in the underground Aruthang. Please note that these houses are assigned to Kazordoon depot, unlike houses in the Aruthang port town which belong to Venore. Moreover, the rent of already existing Aruthang houses was lowered by half. We will notify you in advance if any further changes are to come.
Dear Players,

Due to the recent growth of our community and the situation on houses market we have decided to restrict FACC houses to active players. That means on 7th November server save (09:00 CET), and each next, FACC owners who have not logged into the game in the past 30 days will lose their houses. It is announced two weeks in advance in order to give everyone a fair chance to be aware. The requirement will not apply to PACC players who own FACC houses (as long as they keep their premium).
This change is based on the fact that currently 220 out of 223 FACC houses (houses up to 20 squares and 1 bed) are already rented. It focuses on freeing a few dozens of flats (estimated) that are now held by inactive characters. Also a bug which in certain scenario allowed FACC players below 20 level to keep their flats will be fixed (a few houses).

The purpose of FACC houses was to allow newcommers, who have not decided to buy premium yet, to rent affordable flats and as a side effect to populate housing estates that could normally stand deserted. But with almost all of these flats being rented now, this is no longer the case.

After the above change is applied, we will keep monitoring the market whether further changes are necessary and they may be announced shortly after. Please note that we do not aim for drastic changes but rather finding a golden mean. Should you have sensible ideas regarding this matter do not hesitate to share it on the proposals forum board.
Dear Players,

Because of high importance of this post, we are exceptionally posting it in four language versions: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

As you may have already noticed, in the past days we've been a target of some criminal who attempted to impersonate the administration to take over others' accounts. He created characters with names implying they might belong to Tibiantis staff and then messaged players saying he needed them to enter a certain link in order to confirm they were not cheating. That link was obviously a hacklink, it led to a fake site which looked like the original. The trick was to make people leave their accounts credentials there. However, his criminal activity goes much further. He also began to send mails (still pretending to come from us) in which he demanded players to download and run some Android application, most likely a bank trojan. He also had been trying to blackmail and threaten us with DDoS attacks, which he in fact launched but thanks to our protection - with zero impact on the server.
Therefore we want to once again remind:
- We NEVER ask players to enter any links! if you were messaged that you're being "verified for cheating" and have to go to some link - it's a SCAM!
- We NEVER ask players to download anything! if you were messaged or e-mailed to do so - it's a SCAM! Keep in mind that e-mail address of the sender can be spoofed! It may even look like belonging to our domain, but it's not!
- The only charactes of the staff have nicknames: Kay, Lord, Xioniz. If ANY character other than these three messaged you saying he is from the staff - it's a LIE!
- The only discord accounts of the staff are: Kay#3144, Lord#9241, Xioniz#3267. If ANY other messages you saying he is from the staff - it's a LIE!

Please, be careful to protect yourself and spread the word to protect your friends. The whole criminal activity of that individual was already reported to the police with his home IP address. If you received any suspicious message, especially via e-mail, or if you have any other useful information - let us know! If you have any doubts - contact us.


Como ya se habrán dado cuenta, en los últimos días hemos sido atacados por un criminal que ha intentado impersonar a la administración para robar las cuentas de otros jugadores. El había creado personajes con nombres que se asemejan al Staff de los Tibiantis y luego escribió mensajes a los jugadores diciendo que necesitaban que accedan a un enlace para confirmar que estos no estén haciendo trampas. El enlace era obviamente un link de hackeo (hacklink), que luego redireccionaba a un sitio falso que se veía casi similar al original. El truco era hacer que las personas introduzcan las credenciales de sus cuentas. Sin embargo, su actividad criminal va más allá. El también comenzó a enviar e-mails (Aun pretendiendo hacerse pasar por el Staff) en el cual demandaba a los jugadores a descargar y ejecutar una aplicación para Android, que probablemente era un Troyano Bancario. También intento chantajearnos y atacarnos con ataques de tipo DDoS, que de hecho lo hizo pero no tuvo ningún impacto gracias a nuestras medidas de protección.
Todo esto nos hace querer recordarles que:
- NUNCA pediremos a nuestros jugadores que abran un enlace! Si alguna vez reciben un mensaje diciendo que están siendo evaluados por "trampas" y deben abrir un enlace - Es un FRAUDE.
- NUNCA pediremos a nuestros jugadores que descarguen algo! Si alguna vez reciben un mensaje o e-mail diciendo que descarguen algo - ES UN FRAUDE! Recuerden que la dirección de e-mail del remitente puede haber sido robado/forjado. Puede inclusive parecerse a nuestro dominio pero les aseguro que no lo es.
- Los apodos de los personajes del Staff son: Kay, Lord, Xioniz. Si CUALQUIER personaje fuera de estos tres les escribe diciendo que son del Staff, NO SON ELLOS.
- Las únicas cuentas de discord del Staff son: Kay#3144, Lord#9241, Xioniz#3267. Cualquier otro usuario diciendo que es del Staff - Es un impostor.

Por favor, sean cuidadosos y por favor divulgan el mensaje para proteger a sus amigos. Los hechos criminales de esta persona ya fueron denunciados a la policía y si reciben algún mensaje sospechoso especialmente a través de e-mail, o si cuentan con alguna otra información útil, ponte en contacto con nosotros!


Como vocês podem ter notado, alguns dias atrás,  nós viramos um alvo de algum criminoso que tenta se passar por alguém da administração, para tentar roubar contas de terceiros. Ele criou personagens com nomes que induzem a pensar que são pessoas ligadas a administração do Tibiantis, mandando uma mensagem dizendo para os jogadores que ele precisam entrar em um certo link para confirmar que eles não estão usando cheat/trapaças. Esses links obivamente são hacks, que levam para um site falso que parece com o original. O truque era fazer com que as pessoas informassem as credencias da sua conta. No entanto, sua atividade criminosa vai muito mais além. Ele também começou a enviar emails (ainda fingindo ser parte da administração do Tibiantis) no qual ele pediu para os jogadores baixarem e usarem um aplicativo Android, muito provávelmente um trojan para pegar banco de dados. Ele também tentou nos chantagear e nos ameaçar com um ataque DDoS, no qual de fato, ele tentou, mas graças as nossas proteções ouve zero impacto nos servidores. Portanto queremos informar mais uma vez:
- NUNCA iremos pedir aos jogadores para entrar em qualquer tipo de link! Se você recebeu uma mensagem que você está sendo "checado/verificado por trapacear" e tem que ir em algum tipo de site ou através de email, é um GOLPE/SCAM! Tenha em mente que, endereços de emails podem ser forjados. Podem parecer com nossos domínios, mas não é!
- Os unicos personagens/chars que a administração do Tibiantis possuí são: Kay, Lord, Xioniz. Se QUALQUER outro personagem além desses três, te mandar uma mensagem dizendo que é da staff - é uma MENTIRA!
- As unicas contas do Discord da administração são: Kay#3144, Lord#9241, Xioniz#3267. Se QUALQUER outro personagem além desses três, te mandar uma mensagem dizendo que é da staff - é uma MENTIRA!

Por favor, tenham cuidado para se protegerem, e espalhem essa mensagem para proteger seus amigos. Toda essa atividade criminosa foi reportada a polícia. Se você receber qualquer mensagem suspeita, especialmente via e-mail, ou se souber de qualquer outra informação útil, nos informe! Se você tiver quaisquer dúvidas, entre em contato conosco.


Jak być może już zauważyliście, byliśmy ostatnio celem ataków przestępcy, który próbował podszywać się pod administrację, żeby przejmować konta innych graczy. Tworzył postaci z nickami mającymi sugerować, że należą one do administracji, po czym wysyłał graczom wiadomości, że są "weryfikowani przez system" i muszą wejść w dany link i potwierdzić, że nie cheatują. Ten link to był oczywiście hacklink, prowadził do strony upozorowanej by wyglądała jak oryginalna, żeby przekonać graczy do zostawienia tam swoich numerów kont i haseł. Ale to tylko część jego kryminalnej działalności. Zaczął też wysyłać graczom maile, w których (wciąż podszywając się pod administrację Tibiantisa) domagał się od graczy ściągnięcia i uruchomienia aplikacji na Androida, najprawdopodobniej będącej trojanem bankowym. Próbował także nas szantażować atakami DDoS, jednak dzięki naszej ochronie nie miały one żadnego wpływu na działanie serwera.
W związku z powyższym, chcielibyśmy jeszcze raz przypomnieć:
- NIGDY nie prosimy graczy, żeby wchodzić w jakieś linki! jeżeli dostałeś wiadomość, że jesteś "weryfikowany pod kątem cheatowania" i musisz wejść w jakiś link - jest to OSZUSTWO!
- NIGDY nie prosimy graczy, by coś ściągali! jeżeli dostałęś wiadomość, albo maila, żeby to zrobić - jest to OSZUSTWO! Proszę pamiętać, że adres e-mail nadawcy może być spoofowany w taki sposób, by wyglądał jakby miał naszą domenę! Dlatego należy być szczególnie uważnym.
- Jedyne postaci administracji to: Kay, Lord, Xioniz. Jeśli jakakolwiek inna postać wysłała ci wiadomość, twierdząc że jest od administracji - jest to KŁAMSTWO!
- Jedyne konta na discordzie należące do administracji to: Kay#3144, Lord#9241, Xioniz#3267. Jeśli ktokolwiek inny wysyłał ci wiadomość, twierdząc, że jest od administracji - jest to KŁAMSTWO!

Prosimy, bądźcie uważni, żeby się chronić i powiadomncie swoich znajomych. Cała działalność kryminalna tego osobnika została już zgłoszona policji. Jeżeli dostaliście jakiekololwiek podejrzane wiadomości, zwłaszcza e-mail, lub posiadacie inne informacje mogące być pomocne - dajcie nam znać! Jeśli macie jakieś wątpliwości - skontaktujcie się z nami.
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