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22 Sep 2022 - A few minor bugs fixed in the client: cams save properly now upon exit; server messages at the beginning of a cam are now omitted and do not prevent the playback - works with old cams as well. Moreover, the CPU of the CamPlayer has been optimised. In case of any issues with the auto-updater, please download the new version of the client directly from our website.

Furthermore, a few minor improvements were also implemented in the forum: new icons, consistent marking of read and new/unread posts/topics (requires login); saving the content during post writing/editing in case the user is unexpectedly logged out or the browser tab is closed (content saved via auto-save to the browser's local storage); a preview of the text is now available when writing/editing a post. Check full changelog...

The 2nd Anniversary celebration started on April 4 and will last until the end of the month. It will be graced by several in-game events and contests. This page is the source of information about the current, past and announced future events, and will be updated accordingly.

I - The Anniversary Screenshot Contest

The theme of the contest is the "Two years of Tibiantis" in the screenshot. To take part in the contest you simply have to send your screenshot until the server save on Friday April 15 to [email protected].
Three most interesting screenshots will be chosen by the administration and awarded with the following prizes: sudden death rune keychain, guided tour of the celestial facilities of Tibiantis, and respectively: 90, 60, 30 premium days - for the first, second and third place.

Contest Rules:

1. The screenshot has to be taken with the "don't stretch/shrink the Map" option enabled and show the whole game window (not necessairly the whole client window).
2. Use png, bmp or other lossless graphic format.
3. The picture may be a mosaic of several screenshots too. However, the whole composition should keep the size of the game window (see above).
4. Each entry must include the name of the contestant's character.
5. There is no limit of entries per character. You can send as many screenshots as you want - but please be reasonable :)
6. Screenshots must be delivered until 09:00 CEST (UTC+2) April 15 to [email protected].
7. The selection of the winning screenshots will be arbitrary and depends solely on the decision of the administration. However, we might consider a special audience award as well ;)
8. Awards will be announced during the final event which is yet to be revealed.
9. All valid submitted screenshots will be published on the website.
10. Any content must of course comply with the Game Rules.
11. Keychains will be delivered to the provided address at the expense of the administration. This may require additional consent to process personal data for this purpose.

The example of a correct contest screenshot is presented below:

II - The Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage is another anniversary celebrations game in which your goal is to find and visit places shown in the pictures. Since Monday April 11 to Friday April 15 during each server save (09:00 CEST, UTC+2) we will publish two screenshots on this page. Make a pilgrimage to absorb part of the soul of Tibiantis! However, mind that you have to visit those places before the next server save! During the final event, which is yet to be revealed, three characters will be chosen randomly among those who absorb at least a lil part. Those characters will be then given a choice to receive one of the following blessings increasing their power for the next 30 days: enlightenment (constant light, 'utevo gran lux'-like), protective aura (+7 armor points), swiftness (+40 speed points), venom strike (poisoning upon melee hit, scorpion-like). They will also be invited for guided tour of the celestial area of Tibiantis. Of course the more places you visit the higher your chance, see the complete rules for more information.

The example of a picture and what to do with it is shown below. Note that this is only the preview example, the actual pictures are linked further below the rules.

(the example of a place to find)

(text and green sparks indicate you have visited the right place)

Pilgrimage Rules:

1. There are 10 places to visit in total.
2. Pictures will be published during the server save (except for the first two) for 5 days.
3. Each place has to be visited after its picture has been published and before the next server save, otherwise it will not be counted.
4. The winners will be chosen randomly by an NPC - among those who visit at least one place. The drawing will take place during the final event, which is yet to be announced.
5. Visiting more places increases the chance linearly, means the character who visits all ten will have ten times bigger chance than the character who visits only one.
6. Only one character of each account will take part. In case two or more characters qualify - it will be the one with the most visits, and in case of further equality - the one with more experience points.
7. There is no level requirement to take part in the game. However, some places may be hidden behind gates of expertise.
8. Banished character will of course be excluded.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

III - The Plagues of Tibiantis

The forces of evil could not stand the idyllic atmosphere and will plague Tibiantis with all anger! Since 29 Apr to May 2 seven plagues will fall upon the land. They will be represented by the anniversary raids of the special creatures. The raids will be different everyday and the creatures will differ in abilities. These creatures will also drop anniversary tokens which you can exchange at the NPC Cristopher for unique decoration items or random presents. Cristopher can be found at Frodo's tavern after the server save on Apr 29. Speak with him to find out what he has to offer. The raids will be triggered randomly, but frequently, separately on each town and will be announced with server messages. Do not let the world fall into chaos!

IV - The Final Event

The final event will be held on May 2 in Thais, starting 19:00 (CEST, UTC+2). The citizens will have to stand for the final clash with the forces of evil! After the victorious (hopefully) battle everyone is invited to a party with the administration at Frodo's. During this party, the winners of the screenshot contest will be rewarded as well as the winners of the pilgrimage lottery will be drawn. On this day, prohibition does not apply ;)

Last updated: April 28 20:00 CEST. More information to be revealed soon after the final event.

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