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Help us create This week in Tibiantis!

Dear players!

We would like to invite you to help us create the series "This week in Tibiantis"! The assumption is to be a series that each week will show you shortcuts of interesting actions, quests, hunts and everything interesting that could have happened on the server! You will be able to see every episode of TWIT on our social networks - youtube channel and facebook, so don't forget to leave a like and sub!

However, the series cannot be created without your commitment! What can you do? Send us a movie or cam (with the exact timecode of the proposed action), and if your movie appears in the episode you will gain fame and 2 days of premium account! There are no limits to cams that you can send, but try to send the ones you would like to see later! Condition: the video cannot be recorded earlier than 2 weeks before sending.

Someone casted UE near depo? Maybe someone gave away free items? Maybe dragon killed you with a combo? Or did you count your opponent nicely? If so - send us a movie/cam to: [email protected]


In addition, you can also send longer videos from interesting hunts / fights / pk etc. which can appear on the channel in the full version. Of course, these videos will also be rewarded with additional premium account days (if uploaded).

Stay tuned for more news in the near future and see You in Tibiantis!

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