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Short revenge story

Probably you won't find it interesting, but I saw Media Board on this forum having only 1 thread, so I thought I will share my little revenge story to make it 2 threads ;V

I died and lost my bp, when I came back to body ofc it was empty and the only guy next to it named Czokledmen claimed that it wasn't him who took it.
Got angry and started attacking him to prove or disprove his statement after I check backpacks in his dead body.
Ofc I learnt, that he had plenty of friends...
... so I died (at least managed to hide my backpack in water ;)

But hey! I'm not the guy who would give up on revenge just because of sth like that pfff

"So I did my homework
I checked a place he works,
the food he ates,
his taste in women,
the number of times he takes a piss
I found out everything I could about him.
Once I knew him, I found a weakness that I could exploit.
If I didn't do that before fight, I would die for sure."
(small quiz - from what is dialogue that I'm referencing here? ;)

He likes (liked? ;) to afk runemake on Darashia roofs...
... loot was nothing special, but satisfaction is priceless.

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Re: Short revenge story

Neat, tasty revenge. Gz. wink

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Re: Short revenge story

Thats true


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