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Abuse of power and racist players.

Hello, I was calm going hunting in the Darashia rotworms, I read the letter that had the name of a player, I checked and he was offline, after 20 minutes he came in and told me to leave, evidently, I said I wouldn't go because he was offline. He came with a level 50+ character and killed me and then offended me by calling me a Venezuelan monkey. Is this type of player what game administrators want? … nknown.png

He called me MACACO, and killed me a LOT OF TIMES as you can see here

is this type of player that tibiantis wants?

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Re: Abuse of power and racist players.

Walaric wrote:

Is this type of player what game administrators want?

I'm sorry but this isn't a case for administrators. We do NOT watch private messages, because, well, they are private. We value players' privacy and don't want to interfere with what's meant to be private. Even though some people can use it to send insults, we don't think it's a reason to take privacy away from everyone. There's always an option to ignore other players under ctrl+i. After adding certain player to the list, you won't see any messages from him.
It would've been different if the player was using public channels for spreading improper content - he might get banned then.

As for getting killed: Tibiantis allows player vs player interactions to a limit of unjusts system. Conflicts can be considered an integral part of RPG concept (role playing), you can always meet people playing bad roles too. Very often it's even hard to tell who's right or wrong. Therefore it would be solved better within and by the community. The administration isn't here to take sides or put itself as a judge in players' clash, but to enforce the rules, e.g. per cheating.

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