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Shared Experience - Makes Sense

The reason given for not introducing Shared Experience - I believe, isn't justifiable.

In the Custom Changes chat on Discord, the reason given was (paraphrasing) "people used to team hunt monsters that lost the most of their loot value due to overload of quest rewards"

Well... You already removed or changed the rewards to these quests. So that removes the argument of flooding the market and ruining the economy altogether.

The only other option is to hunt the monsters. And depending on your vocation or the monster you want to hunt, it can be illogical to do solo hunts. This would require a team hunt. But once again, depending on the vocation or monster, it may be illogical to do a group hunt if it does not benefit you (ie. you get the rare item dropped by the monster) or get decent exp.

I'm not saying people don't help their friends if it doesn't benefit them, but to what extent? It doesn't promote people to work together and find others to play with, that's for sure.

I want to team hunt with friends, but it does not make sense because they will get no experience, it would cost a lot of GP's for runes, and they spend a lot of time helping me with no benefit for them. I dont even want to ask because it really is too much to ask from someone. Spend hours (all of your time online for possibly a number of days) helping ME acquire an item? Could I pay them or buy all the runes? Sure, but mine as well buy the item then because who knows how long it will take.

So... Why do it?

How would "Shared Experience" hurt the goal of getting people to work together/socialize and balance the economy? The removal of these items as rewards has already altered the economy drastically. How does this promote people working together or socializing with others? It doesn't, people are more likely to run solo because they can get decent Experience and make GP and just buy the item.

The Lack of Shared Exp Promotes Power Gaming...

You could even alter the experience people get in shared hunts to be less so it is only used for team hunts for loot and not exp.

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Re: Shared Experience - Makes Sense

I totally agree.

There should definetly be shared exp on Tibiantis. Considering the fact that there is not that much of content nor spawns it would motivate more people to play together and that would make players interact more with eachother - wich was one of your reasons you removed ank (Source: … ad.267116/ )

Shared exp is a perfect way to balance it out and make players interact even more with eachother.

// Amir

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Re: Shared Experience - Makes Sense

Agreed, can I sign on my RP also?

Double signed !!!

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Re: Shared Experience - Makes Sense


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Re: Shared Experience - Makes Sense

I will add to this so there is less confusion.

There isn't really much of a reason for people to hunt togeter because you get better exp and gp hunting solo. And this server was built and altered to promote community interaction as much as possible, which is so far awesome.

If there was a way to promote team hunts (Shared Experience OR Something Else), that would make this server amazing.

I, like many others on this server have lives outside of tibia, who work 40 hours per week and have a social life. I will not be getting lvl 80 any time soon to take part in the high lvl monsters hunts and quests. I'm sure there is a way to implement a system to promote team hunts for all levels (not just by including new monsters for high lvls)

What is the right way to do this? I do not know.

But this is why it is here, on a forum, under proposals. It is just an idea.

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Re: Shared Experience - Makes Sense

Don't Agree ! Why?

Because people will be using it for quick hunting at low levels. They will take you lvl 30 on warlocks and you will do a lot of exp, when others will have to struggle for many days on guards.

"You could even alter the experience people get in shared hunts to be less so it is only used for team hunts for loot and not exp."   

- This isn't logical , if you want to go hunting with your team for loot, not experience. Is it for you shared exp?

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Re: Shared Experience - Makes Sense

Not agree - all posted on discord.

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