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Unjustified banned

Hello, I just logged into my account and I was very surprised, my Wuazousky character has been banned for "unofficial use of software" and that is completely false. I have never used bot or macro. I am very angry, I have been unfairly banned and worst of all, the reason why I have been banned cannot be demonstrated in any way. I gave this server a chance because I wanted to play a real old school, it was hard for me to start, I have been climbing like an ant as I was able to level 13 and now I find this. This has been a serious mistake and I want to ask that my case be reviewed because otherwise I will never play again, this has been a total negligence on the part of an administration person.

What guarantee do I have as a player to claim that my case be reviewed? What's more, I go further, what guarantee do I have if it is reviewed and found that this is not true that it will never happen to me again? I have lost the will and total trust in the server and administration after this.

PS: It put in the ban that I was banned until May 17, 2020 and now it says that I am banned forever and they have lowered me to level 1.



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Re: Unjustified banned

Hello, you were banned for unofficial software usage. That was detected and is for certain. All banishments for such crime are permanent. We did not lower your level, it is an issue on the site that's to be fixed, sorry for any possible confusion.
Please, follow the rules in the future.

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