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Christmas wishes and new website announcement

Ho ho ho! Have you been a good child this year?

Santa Claus once again has left his cozy house in Vega to bestow presents on Tibiantis inhabitants! Of course only on those who did not PK, lure, steal and power abuse too much this year... wink
Pay him a visit and see what he's got for you! And do not forget to put a Christmas tree in your house! What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree?


Christmas is a special time when miracles sometimes happen. During this time, we bring you warm wishes but also a big news!
We would like to announce that on Saturday January 22nd new website will finally be released! It's been a long way, since it was made completly from scratch, both its appearance and the whole magic behind the scenes. New website will bring a lot of new functionalities, of which we will tell more soon, as well as crucial bugfixes, much nicer look, more user-friendly front and much more interesting content to browse.

Game server and the website will be offline for several hours after server save (09:00 CET) that day (22nd January), in order to allow us to safely migrate to a new host and new database.

Because of these changes, we will also put following limitations on the current website:
- since server save on 16th January until the new website is released, starting new house auctions will be disabled (already active auctions will finish as planned)
- since server save on 20th January until the new website is released, transfering houses, selling houses, leaving houses and changing guild leadership will be disabled

The new website will also use a new forum, we have put alot of effort to make it more approachable than the old one. However, there is also a downside, which is that the old forum content will be wiped out. If for whatever reason you would like to save your thread and move it to the new one, let us know!

Lastly, we have decided to change the requirements for guilds leadership and renting houses. Since 22nd January, only PACC players will be allowed to rent houses. It is related to the situation in the estate market that we have been observing for some time. The purpose of FACC houses was to allow newcommers, who have not decided to buy premium yet, to rent affordable flats and as a side effect to populate housing estates that could normally stand deserted. But with almost all of those flats being rented now, this is no longer the case.
Morever, after the new website is released, leaders and vice-leaders of active guilds will be required to be of atleast 30 level, instead of 20 as currently.

As Tibiantis Team, we wish you a merry Christmas, good health in these rough times, and of course lagless time on Tibiantis land!

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Re: Christmas wishes and new website announcement

I would like to keep my LT smile

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Re: Christmas wishes and new website announcement

Zeromontis wrote:

I would like to keep my LT smile

I assume you mean this thread:
Noted smile
You can keep adding new posts, the whole thread will be moved on 22nd January

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